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Agriculture – Fishery – Salt Production

The rate of agricultural growth is relatively good and sustainable, the agricultural producing valuation increases 6.7% annually, in there the cultivation and livestock farm achieve around 7%, aquaculture increases 6.5%, total food production yields 824,000 ton, seafood yields 243.600 ton; to increase the area of vegetables and fruits; to focus on breeding towards big farmhouse in order to raise highly livestock proportion in agricultural structure, to deploy the production models of highly qualitative salt, approximately amount of fresh salt can obtain about 266 thousands of ton per year.

To focus on modifying the structure of agricultural production towards:

- For in the South from National Highway 1A to the East-sea dyke: to be promptly complete the plan of high technical agriculture zone to in 2020, in which there would be 15,000 ha area for industrial aquaculture to focus mainly on communes at near Baclieu city center, Hoabinh district, Donghai district. Based on these to set up projects in certain scale and suitable area from that to invest comprehensively infrastructure (irrigational works, traffic, electricity,…) to respond the demand of intensive cultivation. To be quickly applied the model of forest – ecological shrimp cultivation combination (200 ha at old Vinhhau farm) so that to enlarge  at similar medium sites. The rest area has not been modified yet, to be able to continuously grow rice under seawater control. To invest new technologies to make the salt towards intensive production. For the area outside the East-sea dyke, to continuously afforest to protect the coastal. The province reorganizes and supports the fishing-agricultural co-operatives so that to protection of the ecological system and to give the job for the poor people along the coast.


- For the North from National Highway 1A, to organize the rice production towards intensive farm to get high quality and quantity for export. To maintain constantly the area of rice cultivation with 2-3 crops per year to ensure the food security; to restore the model of fish-rice or shrimp – rice combinations in the area of 29.000 ha

To modify the aquaculture structure towards to increase output of shrimp, crab and valuable seafood; to be interested in the technique, breeder, irrigation and environmental problems; to encourage the farmers to apply the model of shrimp eco-cultivation; to facilitate the finance and aid policy so that the farmers handles modern equipments, great capacity to exploit fishery in offshore. The province also afforces to build up the national standard communes to create the new countryside.

Source: BacLieu Potential and Investment Opportunities.

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