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Exploiting the festival to develop tourism

Bac Lieu was a rich area about the cultural character with traditional festival of the three nation as Kinh, Hoa, Khmer. In tourism development process, province was exploiting good value to attract tourist, to advertise the image of soil and Bac Lieu.

With the participation in problem organization and management of the function, traditional festivals to organize with small- scale. With Bac Lieu, tourist will be general in boisterous air of festival in the next time. The opening is Ky Yen great festival day to organize in the January. Come here, everyone  are still in progress prosperous country, good weather and Vietnamese old opera. In the past time, Ky Yen great festival day in Bac Lieu always to attract care, participation of the far and near tourist. At the moment after  new year festival, to appropriate tourism and reelax festival.

In the January and March, tourists will welcome Nghinh Ong festival in Vinh Thinh town, Hoa Binh district and Ganh Hao town, Dong Hai district. Hundreds of fish ship will debouch seaport to welcome Nghinh Ong to aspire head for the open sea season meet lucky.

Quan Am Nam Hai festival was happen in Quan Am Phat Dai area ( Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu city) that is one of the best festival in Bac Lieu. On March 22 to 24, festival have attendancetens of buddhist monks and nuns, buddhist and tourists of everywhere in the nation. Festival organized formal, tradition festival of buddhist, preserve and prove traditional cultural values, beliefs, religion “Good life, good religion”. Besides, Festival have many acttractive activities as letters and arts, exhibition, calligraphy show.

In the past year, Bac Lieu tourism  have many change steps, tourist quantity in and out the nation, tourist turnover to raise every year. With other specific product, festival have important contribution to help province tourism to develop.

Besides, organization assignment, function branchs to combine management, to propagandize for tourist, people to realize civilization way of life, culture behaviors when tourist participation festival. In addition, to ensure condition  about public order, environmental sanitation, food safe in the time to happen festival.

Especically, in August 2016, Bac Lieu will organize formal Da Con Hoai Lang festival. This is not only culture activities of Bac lieu, but also event to respond 2016 National Tourism Year. With specical activities as Don ca tai tu exchange, food festival, Don ca tai tu festival in the three Bac Lieu- Ca Mau –Soc Trang to extend, Da co hoai lang retort, folk-song and there will be gold occasion that Bac Lieu created impresstion with tourist, to set up service types, relax- entertainment.

Exploiting the tradition festival was practical to raise high quality about spirit life, to preserve and prove the cultural character, especically strong development of the  province industry .

Written by Huu Tho - Bac Lieu Newspaper

Translated by NG

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