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Bac Lieu promoted investment attraction socio-economic development

In July 2016, Bac Lieu was certificated investment for seven projects with the total capital over VND 500 billions.

Investor projects in the country includes Service -Trade Centre of Nguyen Kim Development Investment One Member Company Limited,  Gia  Rai garbage disposal Factory, cold storage Project and sea  fish facility, stored frozen for export; Dong Hai large sample field of salt production Projects, Shrimp farming project clean energy higher; Bac Lieu fertilizer oil factory Project and Hoan Khiem adobe bricks.

To raise one’s competitve ability, improve environmental business was important solution that is calling investment, to attract resources  to impulse the socio- economic developnment. In the past time, branches in the province was  interested and drastic direction. The people’s committee of Bac Lieu province promulgated action proprame by the Government's resolution No. 19 on government, the tasks, essential solution to improve business environment, to raise competitive of the nation in 2016- 2017, to orient 2020, to deploy Government's resolution No. 35 on government about support and develop business in 2020. Especically, administrative reform as excplicit, public to impluse.

In 2016, this is the first year of implementation of resolutions national by the twenty Party congress and resolutions adopted by the fifteen Party congress. In the background is still difficult that realized target, to promote, to attract investment and to motive big project to have important role. Therefore, Bac Lieu continued promote, calling investment. Concentrade in focus mission as to accelerate the construction infrastructure –technology zones, industry zones ; to invest  Tra Kha industry  and some of industry to plan. Besides, to complete procedure  Lang Tram industry zone; call, pomote, invest at Ganh Hao area; To deploy Bac Lieu wind power plan.

To realize route, international  integration; to deploy resolution No.19- 2016/NQ-CP on government and resolution No.35/NQ-CP on government about support and develop business in 2020; to raise effective use the capital investment  from economic composition. In addition, to impluse, create advantage condition that investors realized investment project in the province. To realize instruction No. 13/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister about responsibility of the first government agency in administrative reform.

Province  was deploy investment law, construction law and instructions of the Prime Minister about processing methods outstanding debts in construction; Not approving the investment policy without specifying the source of funds and the ability to balance the fund; check cut expenses and items not needed, resolutely adjusted capital plan of the project behind schedule; consider stopping, reduce project schedule is not really urgent to focus on key projects urgent and effective investment. Diversify forms of investment to further attract investment capital development.

With determination, directing closely and administering the province's Party Committee, People's Committee also drastic solutions, synchronous overcome shortcomings in the field of investment attraction  that branches level, the local in province to deploy, to create business environment , maximum advantage to call investors inside and outside the province, foreign investors to come Bac Lieu in the next time

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Translated by NG

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