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Vinh Hung Ancient Tower: Cultural - historical values

In Northwest about 20km away from Bac Lieu city, it located Trung Hung 1B hamlet, Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province. In 1917, H. Pamentier has survey and announced result in magazine of BEFEO with other name is Thap Luc Hien. Vinh Hung Ancient Tower was recognized as the national historical and artistic relic in 1992. With cultural values – original history, these were a tourism address to have specical values of Bac Lieu province.

In 2002 and 2011, to service tower restored, Archaeology Research Center coordinated Bac Lieu Museum to disinter this relic area. Disinterment mark were appeared the food tower, to solve the traces to sink into soil that have solutions to restore ancient tower. Disinterment were appeared the food tower to have plane chart ( 9,44 m x 9,36m) with thick wall nearly 2m, tall about 10m. Tall and aspect of tower foot created big loading capacity to build in the unsound soil area, therefore the master of tower choice solutions that was the foot fingernail and tall substage to centripetal in the all three face, the front and separate to tower foot about 1m that was sand to strike with gelantin. In the particular, disinterment in 2011 was appeared a brick before tower with 320m2.

Therefore, from two archaeology disinterment shows the first countenance of Vinh Hung ancient tower that have celebrate ceremony yard. Actually, these were religion center of the old people’s in this area and bequeath heritage to carry original value from the past time.

Archaeology research shows that Vinh Hung tower has a residence relic of this public from the 4th century, they was not only resident in the high soil better surrounding area after they use to build Vinh Hung ancient tower and it is large about 10 ha. Disinterments were appeared remains of activities process as vase, pot, terra-cotta…and era to research comparison as well as analysis to have result 450-550 year to now. Besides, starting point era of relic area was the 4th century after Christ. There were new result about this relic and Vinh Hung area in the past that was relic area belong to Oc Eo culture developing, lied in small area as Soc Trang- Bac Lieu- Ca Mau.

From relic era shows that old dweller of Oc Eo culture was completed to control the Mekong River Delta, to leave culture traces in the other area that Bac Lieu area was final limit in East- Southeast from Oc Eo culture center. Besides, values about culture, history, survey discovered orginal exhibit and values as Parvati goddess statue has era an early 8th- century, right hand of Visnu statue, some of Linga- Yoni in archaeology relic belong to Oc Eo culture in the south Viet Nam plain.

Vinh Hung tower was recognized as the national artistic- cultural relic in 1992. Bac Lieu People’s Committee and Bac Lieu culture management office has been repaired Vinh Hung tower to preserve and upholding the nationalarchitectural and artistic relic and bring invaluable historial- cultural values. Though, construction become destination of Bac Lieu tourism still to leave something open. Travels will visit attractive destination when come Bac Lieu tourism and there was recognized typical tourism in the Mekong River Delta as Don Ca Tai Tu Arts and Cao Van Lau Composer Memorial Area , Quan Am Phat Dai area, the House of Bac Lieu Mandarin’s Son. However, if we were not guide traveller to visit once ancient tower with historial- cultural thickness as Vinh Hung ancient tower. This is project multi-value culture- history- tourism that was attractive travellers to visit. Therefore, with condition that Tourism branch was interested more broadcast, to bring ancient tower in Bac Lieu tuorism map with condition as transport means, advantage about traffic to welcom travellers.

Written by Phuong Anh- Bac Lieu Newspaper
Translated by NG

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