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Bac Lieu tourism strives to become a key economic sector

This is one of important mission of Bac lieu city in 2016 that concentrated developing tourism and become a key economic sector. The people’s committee of Bac Lieu city was promulgated tourism action program in 2016. This is a important premise for Bac Lieu tourism fast development and professional in the next year.

To set up investment

Every year, Bac Lieu city are welcome from 600.000- 650.000 tourist , tourism services sales  to average about VND 648 billion, to achieve average annual growth of 13,8 percent. In the particular year 2015, tourist to visit city about 840.000 time ( there are about 25.800 international tourist and 26.000 tourist use stay services), total sales from tourist services to achieve over VND 810 billion.

In 2016, Bac Lieu city concentrated for tourism action program about developing tourism. This is construction investment tourist infrastructure, to hasten the deploy process tourist projects. In there, to co-ordinate with function branch to continue investment, to upgrade, to complete areas, to connect tours, to attract tourism. To supervise and speed up investor to hasten work process, to realize tourism project as Quan Am Phat Dai, Ho Nam Eco- Tourism Area project in second stages, Bac Lieu Bird Garden.

Besides, To hasten work process projects, project to serve tourism that is uncompleted; to organize and enlarge tourism services in logan garden. In addtion, to carry out combined function branchs calling for investment new tourism projects as Eco- Tourism Area with to visit Wind Power area, bridge area and sea services, Bac Lieu Truc Lam Zen monastery; to complete project of Xiem Can pagoda that become stay point in the tours; to continue and maintain art form of the units as Khmer art general company, Ro-băm dance group, monkey group.

To develop tourism service

This is one of important content of  tourism action program in 2016 that is Bac Lieu city concentrated new construction tourist production, to raise quality of tourism services. To realize this target, Bac Lieu city coordated with departmens, branchs and business to strengthen material facilities to service tourism, to upgrate some of star –hotel. To organize , recognize some of basic services, shop, hotel to achieve services tourism. To hasten in 2016 have 3-4 basic to achieve services tourism.

Besides, to carry out combined function branch completed project to invest Nha Mat Eco- Tourism Area to Cai Cung, to deploy investment projects to afforest with shrimp ecological and to explore tourism services at sea.

With this is calling promote, attraction investors to explore Bac Lieu river to organize tourism services as eat and drink, don ca tai tu at river. To deploy Eco- Tourism Area  at Bac Lieu River – Vam Leo after constructed embankment of  Bac Lieu River . To maneuver people to add  plant a greenery , fruit-tree and organized graden tourism services; to unite with business and household to construct  wharfs, to build rest stop, to connect tour point, tourism services.

Furthermore, Bac Lieu city will continue to maneuver, encourage people and business to develop som of commemoretive products and to raise quality  tourism product that are building  brand name gradually for strengthen products as Cong Xi wine, Binh Thanh Wine, LoganWine, Prince Wine , Banh Xeo, Seafood, Bon Bon, Salted fish.

With that’s solution,  Bac Lieu city are  welcome tourist over 1 million in 2016 (to raise 19,05 % in comparison with 2015) tourism- services sales  to achieve over VND 850 billion( to raise 4,94 % in comparison with 2015).Besides, hotel-restaurant sales achieved over VND 360 billion( to raise 16,13% in comparison with 2015).

Bac Lieu Tourism  become key economic sector with  targets  and  solutions which will be motive that help Bac Lieu become tourism centre, first services of province.

Written by Kim Trung- Bac Lieu Newspaper

Translated by NG

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