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Links commercial rice production: Farmers, businesses are happy

This is one of information for famer to encourage that is Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to promulgate decision No. 1898 about Viet Nam rice restructuring project from 2020 to 2030.

Target of this project is that raise effective production, rice business and rice value in global supplying series, especically solved difficult basic for famer and construction bond model.

The important content of decision ensured profits for famer from 30% gross income; to reduce damage after harvest bellow 8% and an area specicalizing in rice cultivation, production bond  area, consume,  construct large rice fields, raw meterials area from 20%; to achieve 20% rice export to bring brand name Viet Nam rice.

To realize that’s target, solutions as Viet Nam rice restructuring; improve technology after harvest and processing; developing market; to reduce climate change and to manage act a god risk, epidemic diseases; protect environment, resource; to ensure quality, food safe and nuitrition. Besides, to promote support infrastructure, land and tax with business to unite with famer, business process hight technology, business to attend public and private project; to give specical credit for machine production business, input material, provide breed, investment business at dry serives, treasure, applay a new breed.

Every year, Bac Lieu provices for the market about 1 million ton rice goods. To realize decision No. 1898 will create new chance for rice production. However, that’s dependent at role “ link” of the nation that bind business, organizational production,realize support policy in the agriculture.

Written by Kim Trung- Bac Lieu Newspaper

Translated by NG

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