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Bac Lieu Business affirming goods quality

In the National quality award ceremony by Ministry of Science and Technology organizated, and Bac Lieu has three business to receive the prize. In which, Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company received National Quality Gold award, Sai Gon-Bac Lieu Beer Joint Stock Company and Duong Hung Seafood Company Limited received the same National Quality Silver award.

National Quality award has important meaning because this is a reward form in the nation level of Prime Minister for the first business to achieve excellent result about product quality, business and service. The prize is effective tool to heighten competitive ability of business, to heighten position of goods, produce.

Compared with the another to manufacture salt area, Bac Lieu salt has specific quality and easy recognization. Salt is white, pinky- white, odorless, salty, no bitter taste and dry, solid. In which, Salt is not bitter taste that is specific factor to create different between Bac Lieu salt and other salt. Therefor, Salt BacLieu become famous form olden times. Every month, Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company exported about 80 tons salt to Japan and Korea. As according to comment of Japan and Korea business: “ Compared with nations have salt products, Viet Nam salt is very good but the best is grain of Bac Lieu salt”. Every year, Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company buy about 10.000 ton salt of salt worker. Besides, Bac Lieu Salt sell salt producte in 130  famous supermarket of provinces. Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company is closed towards form input to output.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tuan, Director of Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company said that  National Quality award is groly of the nation, Prime Minister  with business make good management models. We always strive to get this award. Therefor, National Quality Gold award is a great honour and great meaning with business. To pass a award help company to have general insight about system of quality management that improved suitable. In other words, this is prefect of activities to ensure criterions National Quality Gold award that is difficult; to maintain, develop this result is difficult better. National Quality Gold award is finish as well as choice way. This is product quality to decide vital and prestigious, brand name. National Quality award is standard that consumer appraised about product quality, to help business have chance to heighten image and brand name in the market.

Apart from Bac Lieu Salt & Trading Joint Stock Company, this prize that Sai Gon-Bac Lieu Beer Joint Stock Company and Duong Hung Seafood Company Limited receives the same National Quality Silver award. With 45,264 million litres beer to product in year, and 45 million letres to consume, to have a turnover of VND 499 million, Sai Gon-Bac Lieu Beer Joint Stock Company is unit contribute for local budget with VND 251 billion. Every year, company is reserved VND 1 billion for social security. Company are not only stable but also of over 260 labour to interested.

Duong Hung Seafood Company Limited ( Duong Hung Company) is the first representative in breed shrimp that is honour to receive this award. With a large- scale infrastructure and closed in product breed distribution, Duong Hung Company is counselor technical support and cultivation care. Now, Duong Hung breed shrimp was present from Ba Ria - Vung Tau to the Mekong River Delta with 5000- 7000 customors,  the total 2300 lake to product breed shrimp. Besides, product investment, Company attached stable life for woker and technical cadre, build housing, colective dining room that is heighten income worker. Business always good perfect tax duty and to take part humanity programs and society activities as support breed, technology and consultating shrimp hatching for the poor.

To be proud of this award, Business will strive for mastery and improve as the moment that maintain and bring into play criterion of the award, deserves with confident of the government, ministry, branch, local.

Written by Minh Dat

Translated by NG

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