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Bac Lieu promulgated Code of conduct in the tourism activities in the province

In order to heighten Bac Lieu public awareness, habits forming gradually, civilized behaviour in the tourism activities, Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism has signed Decision 150 to promulgate a Code of conduct in the tourism activities in the province.

Code of conduct in the tourism activities defined popular behaviours need to realize, to suit every object group on the rules of basis: Manners, civilized attitude, polite in public places; Respect the privacy and rights of others; To preserve natural environment, social environment, to protect public projects , the historical monument, scenic; Understanding the culture, local habits and customs; Respect beliefs and religion.

Code of conduct  has a lot of contents regulation behaviour in the tourism activities in general, tourism sightseeing in particular. In which, units, organizations and individuals active in the tourism field ; Bac Lieu people as well as tourists visiting in Bac Lieu where should ensure Rules of conduct as to execute  policies and laws of the Socialist  Republic of Vietnam; respect for cultural traditions, local habits and customs; to obey regulations, direction sings and prohibiting signage in the sightseeing place and the public; consciously preserve and protect the cultural relics and historic buildings, civilized behavior, polite; conscious and responsible to preserve public order and general sanitation.

Code of conduct provides specific contents for organizations and individuals active in tourism fields and industries related tourism; Bac Lieu people and travellers to visit Bac Lieu. In which, for individuals and organizations actives in the tourism fields and related industries to tourism in the Bac Lieu local about conduct must be professional ethics; to listen, share, collect opinions of guests, not clinging, trouble travellers. About commercial civilization, to post public price, clear and correct price; No products provide, services dimish sources and qualities  for trallvers. Paying car park must be price post and income fees as the good regulation. With travellers come Bac Lieu provice, need respect cultural tradition, habits and customs of the local, to execute  good rule, regulation, direction in the area, sightseeing place; Awareness and responsibility to protect the landscape and natural environment.

This is Code of conduct that build and habits forming, civilized behavior, politeness, friendliness of staff in Bac Lieu tourism as well as Bac Lieu  people, travellers to visit in Bac Lieu, contributing to impulse Bac Lieu tourism is more and more developing.

Written by KN

Translated by NG

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