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On April 2016, Bac Lieu social – economic situations has stably continued and developed

The indices of industrial development raised over 9,87%, the total investment capital over 16,7%, total goods sell retail and receipts services reached VND 3.700 billion, incraise of 15,6% in compared to the same period. The activities of social-culture field was continued to attain good result.

In month, Province was promptly to hasten performance process of projects, especially major projects as rural electricity project from the National Grid in Bac Lieu province in the period 2015-2020; rural traffic project. Besides, developing infrastructure social–economic and strengthen investment construction as the plan, to connect between developing urban investment and construction plan. To concentrate deploy developing urban program, to realize good program developing urban plan in the local. To continuce deployment and construction to cope with climate change in the local

In addition, Province was interested to hasten calling for investment, reform formality aministration as the explicit direction, created condition about infrastructure that received investment projects. In month, Province  was to give business permission for 25 business, the total register of VND 69 billion, raised total business to establish new from the early year to now over 90 business, the capital investment over VND 233 billion.

On May 2016, Bac Lieu was continued for calling promote investment in the major projects in the province area. Besides, preforming solution was incessantly improve enviroment that attracted investment capital from abroad  developing economic of province, raise result to use capital investment. Specially, create advantage condition that investors find, deploy to realize some projects in the province area. Moreover, Province was realized Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant Work, promote construction wind power coastal that contributed  active in clear power, reproduce power in the national. Especially, deploy realized  rural electricity project in Bac Lieu province.

Written by V.T
Translated by NG

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