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Bac Lieu is developing tourism from exploiting village in Hong Dan district

Today, tourist villages trends is developing; traveler to find traditional village to raise knowledge, to find about cultural history and original point of the nation in the localities across the country. Bac Lieu Tourism have direction developing this type new tourism in Hong Dan district and traditionals village.

Hong Dan village has a long- standing with traditional craft such as jewelery carft, forge labour tool, carpenter, kniting, mat weaving, noodles craft, pancake, Tam La Mo cake, rice wine; village are a close- knit between farmer and countryside, produce of village are mostly skillful handicraft, business form, service as individual model in the local. Branded Produce are rather famous as knife, scythe, Tam cake in Ngan Dua; pannier, Me Bo in Nha Lau.

To develop village close- knit with developing tourism that resource factor are necessary. However, this team are not methods train to mount and serive  developing tourism. Therefor, firstly, appropriate authorities are active to staff with leaders in the level to cary out a survey, additional record that recognized village in the level province. From there, the application development orientation solutions legacy fasibility ensuring systematic and consistent with the principle of conservation and development of villages quickly expedite the completion of planning, the main mechanism support of investment and development, strengthen the training and use of training resources, develop training solutions in the school system and training combined with other forms of production and business organizations, service on-site service. Focus on building development model village made a breakthrough recently formed a new type of tourism in Hong Dan district, one of the current pressing needs, to do right, contributing to increased competitiveness to attract development tourism development in the province of Bac Lieu in the period of integration and development.

Source by svhttdl.baclieu.gov.vn

                             Translated by NG

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