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Bac Lieu has eight typical visit areas in the Mekong Delta

In recent years, Bac lieu tourism paid attention to invest and to develop flourishes. Tourism infrastructure improved, culture projects, new tourism to invest, build and prefect that created original products.

In 2015, the Mekong Delta Tourism Association is recognized Bac Lieu Province to have add three typical visit areas in the Mekong Delta, to raise total number of mark to visit typical tourism of  the Mekong Delta  to rise eight typical visit areas includes President Ho Chi Minh Temple Historical Relic in Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi district; Ho Nam Ecological Tourist Area; Hung Vuong Square; Bac Lieu Mandarin’Son House; Artifical Sea Area- Nha Mat Tourist Area; The Memorial Park of Southern “Don ca tai tu” and the Composer Cao Van Lau; Bac Lieu Hotel-Restaurant and Quan Am Phat Dai. Today, province carried out a survey and construction Tac Say Church and Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary to perfect recognized suggestion that is typical visit areas in the Mekong Delta.

Quan Am Phat Dai is spirit tourism point of people that  the Mekong Delta Tourism Association is
recognized typical visit areas  in the Mekong Delta

In addition, Bac Lieu is not only typicial tourism in the level areas but also historicial monument areas to rank the level province  and country. Nowadays, province is the total numbers 46 relics to rank, in which has 13 relics in the level of country. In the past time, province concentrated to deploy complete restoration, embellishment and to bring into play good value historical monument, culture to rank that services tourism visit  such as President Ho Chi Minh Temple Historical Relic, Bac Lieu Province  Committee of the Party Base, The Memorial Park of Southern “Don ca tai tu” and the Composer Cao Van Lau, Vinh Hung Ancient Tower Architectural and Arts Relic, Dinh Tan Long, Thai Duong Clock Historical Relic, Dong Noc Nang Culture Historical Relic, Historical Relic Where the First Party Cell of Bac Lieu Province was Established, Cao Trieu Temple…Besides, to perform , to restoe typical architecture of worship basic every religion, to create tourism visit, to connect tour that to service traveller as Quan De Shrine, Tien Su Shrine, Giac Hoa Pagoda, Xiem Can Pagoda.

Bac Lieu is interested to build specific tourism products. Salient points are ten production village some products about handicraft fine arts and food salt to bring specific of Bac Lieu, make souvenir to traveller. In which, two knit village in Vinh Phu Dong commune, Phuoc Long district and Ninh Thanh Loi commune, Hong Dan district; a woodwork village in Ninh Hoa commune, Hong Dan district; a textile sedge mat village in Ngan Dua town, Hong dan district; six salt products village in Dong Hai district. Villages are relative activities effect, to contribute and to solve job, to impluse developing industry -small scale industry in the country and tourism service.

Bac Lieu tourism is more developing that affirms position in the area and the country, in the next time, Bac Lieu tourism continues to perform solutions to set up speed developing tourism of province as according to developing unshakeable, and to bring tourism become important economy of province and tourism center in the level area. To build system basic about matter, technology to appropriate with potential, tourism product to bring specific of province, culture character of the local and to bring Bac Lieu that become typical tourism point, to attract traveller with rich types, acttractive, hight quality.

Written by KN

Translated by NG

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