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Bac Lieu strived to achieve tourism revenue of VND 2000 billion in 2020

Bac Lieu Bird garden

After three years to perform of the action program about tourism, Bac Lieu tourism was more and more prospering, contribute positively at the variety of tourism forms, the tourist lines in the region and the country. Work set up investment in the construction and development of socio- economic infrastructure of province, especically transport infrastructure and basis, tourism service. Culture projects served the needs of entertaiment of the people that are interested in construction investment with expenditure 600 billion, to make up more than 8% of the total investment capital of the province.

Work of training, skills training, professtion for worker in tourism flied have been perfrom the focus, to suitable with a fact activity situation of the local. As yet, the province are more than 2000 workers in tourism flied, worker rate to get training over 70 %. Types of tourism, tourism destinations are diversified in the bacis effective exploition of advantages from culture, people of Bac Lieu, cuisine culture, tradition festival, country and projects, cultural architecture- new tourism.

Broadcast assignment, promotion and bond tourism are perfroming more than effective with many forms, content and mean of communication, to through progams to promote tourism on a the region and the country scale, to contribute and attract many visitors in the nation and the internation to Bac Lieu. In 2012 to now, Tourism turnover of the province get of VND 3.000 billion, to increase 20% in medeum every year; the nember of tourists to go Bac Lieu  get 3,4 million participation, and 110 thousand the international visitor inthere. Particularly in 2015, tourism revenue reached about 970 billion in all year, to raise 1,6 fold for 2012; traveller to get a million people, to cross 10% with plan, to raise threefold compared 2010 year.

In 2016- 2020 stage, Bac Lieu continuted to hasten speed developing tourism as according unshakeable, to bring tourism become important economy of the province and to become service center in the level region; To strive in 2020, Bac Lieu tourism welcomed over 2 million traveller on year; Tourism revenue reached more than 2000 billion and tourism density in the total product in the local of the province accounted for more than 3,8%.

                                                                                        Written by KN

Translated by NG

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