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Viet Nam – Australia group to begin construction complex zone to produce shrimp high quality

On October 22, Viet Nam- Australia group organized groundbreaking ceremony complex zone to produce shrimp high quality in Giong Nhan Hamlet, Hiep Thanh Commune, Bac Lieu City.

At the meeting, Mr. Vo Van Dung, Commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Vice of Department of the Government Interior  , Mr. Le Minh Khai, Secretary of Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Bac Lieu Provincial  People’s Committee, and comrades of the Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee, leaders of provinces, city in the country and Ex-leaders in the past time. Attending in the groundbreaking ceremony, there is Mr. Katharine, Trade Counselor-Australia Consul General in Viet Nam.

Delegations to perform groundbreaking ceremony complex zone to produce shrimp high quality

Complex zone produced shrimp high quality in Giong Nhan Hamlet to deploy with 315 ha square; includes varieties produce zone, processing food factory, Viet Nam – Australia shrimp hatching zone and processing - export factory. Investment total capital for complex zone is 1.000 billion. Complex zone deployed from October 2015 to December 2017; when factory to complete and activity and it will create job for 2.000 labors.

Speaking in the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Luong Thanh Van, Board of Director- Viet Nam – Australia group affirms:  Complex zone to produce shrimp high quality was important advances of the group that hope to raise Viet Nam shrimp, and Bac Lieu shrimp among them. Complex zone was constructed in high technology applications of Viet Nam – Australia group to raise values of Viet Nam shrimp. Advantage of production this chain of value was reduce shrimp environment, to provide goods shrimp to have high quality and stable quality. Produce attained high requirement about food safety and   to find source. This is advantage that help Viet Nam shrimp to complete with large opponent in the world market, the most is fastidious market.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony to construct complex zone to produce shrimp high quality, Mr. Le Minh Chien, Vice Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee said that: Business invested developing production, to process aquiculture high technology applications in Bac Lieu in general, Viet Nam – Australia group in particular was suitable with orient Viet Nam aquiculture, and Bac Lieu from this time to 2020 year inside. Bac Lieu province expect that  Complex zone will complete early, to activity and contribute developing shrimp hatching field according to the sustainable, contribution  to solve job, to raise revenue for labor in the local. The People’s Committee of Bac Lieu province will direct the function branch and the local government to create advantage for business in invest, construct and to refer complex zone at the activity.  

                                                                                     Written byVT

                                                                                   Translated by NG

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