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Leaders of the Provincial people’s committee welcome Mozambique Republic

On April 20, Mrs. Le Thi Ai Nam, Vice Chairwoman of Bac Lieu people’s Committee and leaders of some departments, branches welcomes Mr. Gamiliel Munguambe, Mozambique Republic Embassy to come visiting and working with Bac Lieu province.

Mrs. Le Thi Ai Nam, Vice Chairwoman of Bac Lieu people’s Committee gives Mr. Gamiliel Munguambe,
Mozambique Republic Embassy some souvenirs on the occasion of  visiting and working in Bac Lieu province

At the meeting, Mrs. Le Thi Ai Nam, Vice Chairwoman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee is introduced general with about natural condition, potential, benefit and major economy projects in Bac Lieu. Vice chairwoman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee said: attractive investment field to achieve good result in the past time, major projects to deploy as Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant Work, shrimp hatching projects in glasshouse, eel hatching and processing  to export , product project and rice processing to export …Projects which  contributing for Bac Lieu economy is more and more development. Bac Lieu is calling attractive investment in seafood processing, rice export; green tourism service –travel; to invest education project, the quality of medical. Mrs. Le Thi Ai Nam, Vice Chairwoman of  Bac lieu people’s Committee hopes that Bac Lieu and Mozambique Republic will be tighten and enlarge the cooperate relation, develop in all fields that Bac lieu and the businessman interested in the next time.

Mr. Gamiliel Munguambe, Mozambique Republic Embassy is very pleased before formal welcome of provincial leaders. He said that this is third time to visit Bac Lieu. Besides, he hopes to study deeply about socio-economic, culture development in Bac Lieu province. Province has much potential, benefits like the locals of Mozambique Republic. Mr. Gamiliel Munguambe is highly appreciate about cultivation fields and seafood processing and cultivate model to bring sure that Bac  Lieu province to perform result. Furthermore, he wants to exchange experience, science, technology in all interested fields of both nations, especially aquatic products field.

Besides, Mr. Gamiliel Munguambe respect to invite the leaders of Bac Lieu province and the enterprises in province to attend 45 years- anniversary of date to sign bipartite cooperation between socialist republic of Viet Nam and Mozambique Republic to show in Ha Noi in the next time, moreover, information about activities to show in the major event and to mark cooperate relations between two nations.

After working with the Provincial people’s committee, Mozambique Republic Embassy Mission visit and fact-finding some products model about agriculture field in the provincial area, especially shrimp hatching projects in glasshouse

Written by VT

Translated by NG

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