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The closing of the first National Don Ca Tai Tu Festival – Bac Lieu 2014

On July 2, 2014, Organization of Board the first National Don Ca Tai Tu – Bac Lieu 2014 organized the closing Conference

Attending the Conference, there are Mr. Vo Van Dung – Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Council, Head of the Festival Steering Committee, Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai, Undersecretary of Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry, Vice- Accompanied Festival of the Steering Committee; Members of the Executive of Board of Provincial Standing Committee; representative of the executive of board of southwest , Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry; leaders of business to finance Festival and press office in and out province

On 24 to 29 April, 2014 in Bac Lieu was happened the first national Don Ca Tai Tu Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 with the theme “the Love and Passion the Southern land and people’s” key 21 activities to gather 400 artist of 21 provinces, cities southern to attend artist program

Content of activities was happened in festival that it is eventful, special and impressional; it expressed beauty particular of Bac Lieu province and native land of Da Co Hoai Lang song to express attending of 21 province where are conserve and saving Don Ca Tai Tu artist of the southern

In the Festival, there are many activities to concern preserve and prove “Don Ca Tai Tu” an intangible cultural heritage representing humanity such as The national Don Ca Tai Tu Festival; the Southern Don Ca Tai Tu Space; Scientific workshop “ preserving and promoting the intangible cultural heritage southern Don Ca Tai Tu art with the theme “ cultural heritage – integration and development”; Inaugurating the National Cultural Relic the Memorial Park of Southern Don Ca Tai Tu and the composer Cao Van Lau;

In the occasion, Bac Lieu attracted over 300.000 participants and visitors who joined in activities at the Festival. Among them, there were over 50.000 visitors who stayed in the provincial accommodations; enthusiasm, friendly of Bac Lieu people’s to create beauty impression in delegation and tourist.

Organization of Broad gives certificate of satisfactory progress for collective and individuals
to contribute for the first Festival Don Ca Tai Tu National –Bac Lieu 2014

According to assess Organization of Broad, festival is achieved goals, demand general plan of executive of board, target to instruct No. 33 of province standing committee to define. In Festival, Bac Lieu is completing tasks with central, to answer awaiting and expecting of leaders of party, state, provinces, cities of friend. Successful festival is arousing proud of Viet Nam people’s, the southern in general and Bac Lieu people’s in particular about this original artist; this is occasion to broadcast about socio- economic, land and Bac Lieu people’s

Speaking at the end of Conference, Mr. Vo Van Dung, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee thanks for leaders of culture, sport and tourism Ministry, composer artist, artisan to assess and recognize real value of the first Festival Don Ca Tai Tu National- Bac Lieu 2014. This festival is strong promotion Don Ca Tai Tu movement in and out province; Don Ca Tai Tu clubs and people want to find better than about Don Ca Tai Tu and to study Don Ca Tai Tu song. Festival contributed to create close- knit between provinces in the southern that introduced potential economy and connect tour between provinces in the area. Successful festival is concern to direct of comrades leaders of party, state, parliament, government and branch, department, executive of board in the southwest and support to cooperate of 20 provinces in the southern, people’s unanimous and contribution of artist, composer, artisan in and out province.

In the occasion, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee gives certificate of satisfactory progress for 14 collective and 1 individual to have contributions for the first festival Don Ca Tai Tu National – Bac Lieu 2014      

Written by V.T

Translated by NG

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