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The opening ceremony PV Oil volleyball National champion in 2014

In the evening of July, 8 in Bac Lieu Multifunction hall was happened the opening ceremony PV Oil volleyball National champion in 2014.

Mr. Truong Minh Chien, Chief of Bac Lieu delegation of the National Assembly gives teams flowers and souvenirs flag

Attending the ceremony, there are Vo Van Dung, secretary of Bac Lieu provincial party committee, Chairman of people’s Council; Nguyen Ba Nghi, Vice-Chairman of Viet Nam volleyball federation; comrades of provincial standing committee and leaders of department, branch, district, city in the province; leaders culture, sport and tourism department of some provinces and cities in the area.

PV Oil volleyball national champion in 2014, there are 22 teams to attend; including; 10 female team and 12 male team that is divided two group. Group male A and group female A to play in Binh Duong; Group male B and group female B play in Bac Lieu multifunction hall from July 8 to 15, 2014. Group Male B including 6 teams such as: Duc Long Gia Rai, V Region, Bien Phong, Trang An Ninh Binh and Phu Tho Police; Group female B are 5 teams includes: Tien Nong Thanh Hoa, Cong Thuong Bank, PVD Thai Binh, Phong Khong Khong Quan and Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh City.

Female and male volleyball teams is playing circle at once points. The top two teams in each group will be qualified for the semifinal. Each winning teams 3-0 or 3-1, winning team receives 3 points white the losing team scored no points. Besides match is 3-2 score so that wining point is 2 point and 1 point with the losing team.

After the end of the group stage, there will take place the final match female, male ranking from July 20 to 23, 2014 in Bac Lieu multifunction hall

Match between Phong Khong Khong Quan and Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh city after the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony was happened match between female teams such as Phong Khong Khong Quan and Tan Binh Ho Chi Minh city. Match show a day earlier: female team Tien Nong Thanh Hoa is losing Cong Thuong Bank with 0-3 scored, male team Bien Phong is winning V Region with 3-0 scored; male team Vinh Long Lottery Tickets and Trang An Ninh Binh with 3-0 scroed.

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Translated by NG

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