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The impressed opening ceremony of the first national Don Ca Tai Tu Festival – Bac Lieu 2014

The opening ceremony of the first national Don Ca Tai Tu Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 creates a cultural space “Don Ca Tai Tu” which has a strong attachment to the land and people of the South of Vietnam, a nice impression of "The love and passion the Southern land and people", among them, there is the distinctive mark of Bac Lieu homeland.

The imposingness of the program honors cultural values and great humanity of the art “Don Ca Tai Tu” in the south of Vietnam – the intangible cultural heritage representing humanity recognized by UNESCO.

The program of the opening ceremony delimitated the panorama of the cultural space “Don Ca Tai Tu” with 3 tiered stages which characterized the Southern culture along with the distinction of Bac Lieu. The first tier is the water in the foreground with boats and floating home; the second tier is the longan orchard and bird sanctuary and typical famous landscape areas of Bac Lieu; and the third tier is the symbol of new projects such as the wind power project which expresses the growing aspiration of Bac Lieu ... The middle of the stage is the symbol of four-line orchestra of  Vitenamese two chord guitar -  Vietnamese two-chord fiddle – Zither -  Monochord, orchestral instruments made legends for the art “Don Ca Tai Tu” from the embryonic term…(photo 1)

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung - Prime Minister; Leaders, Former leaders of the Party, State, Government, National Assembly, Heroic Vietnamese Mothers, Heroes of the People's Armed Forces; Leaders of Ministries, central sectors, provinces, cities and majority of people attended and enjoyed a fascinating and impressive program with emotion tones, sometimes it is both eloquent and profound, soft and low, and rhythmical. The overall program delimitated and introduced historical traditions and the beauty of the Southern land and people in general and Bac Lieu in particular with liberal, generous and affectionate in disposition. This program also portrayed the process of the formation and development of the art “Don ca tai tu” in the South and the birth of the song “Da Co Hoai Lang”. ( Photos 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 )

An imposing program of the opening ceremony with the closed arrangement in the combination of historical tradition and modern technology along with the participation of hundreds of professional and non-professional actors, this created an overall program which was attractive, impressive in the people’s heart.


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