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The ceremony for announcing the Prime Minister’s Decision on acknowledging Bac Lieu city as the city grade II

In the evening of April 28th 2014, the ceremony for announcing the Prime Minister’s Decision on acknowledging Bac Lieu city as the city grade II under the management of Bac Lieu province at Hung Vuong Square was held.

Mr. Le Hong Anh – Commissioner of Political bureau, Permanent Secretary of the Central Party Committee along with his wife; Leaders of Ministries, central Departments and Agencies; the delegation of Preath Shihanouk province – the People’s Republic of Cambodia headed by Mr. Sboong Sarạth; delegations of provinces, cities, towns and districts in the region, Mr. Vo Van Dung – Commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Bac Lieu provincial People’s Council; former provincial leaders; members of Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee; members of  provincial Standing Party Committee; Leaders of Departments and Agencies of districts and city of Bac Lieu province attended the ceremony. 

According to the report at the ceremony, after the liberation day of the South of Vietnam and the nation reunification, Bac Lieu was a town whose agricultural economy was the major branch, industry and commerce were small, material facilities and social infrastructure were poor. After 40 years of building and developing, with the ever-efforts of the Party, government and people of Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu town was officially acknowledged the city grade III by Ministry of Construction on December 26th 2006. And on August 27th 2010, the Government officially enforced the Resolution ref. 32/NQ-CP about establishing Bac Lieu city under the management of Bac Lieu province.


Since 2010, the annual average economic growth has been from 13.5 to 14.5%; the total investment capital in construction of the city was over 190 billion in 2010, and in 2014 this reaches 900 billion. The welfare work is properly concerned, the poverty rate of the whole city is just under 2%. Hundreds of houses were built for the poor and low-income people; people’s life is increasingly improved both materially and spiritually. The above results has been admitted by the Prime Minister and, as a result, the Decision ref. 537/QD-TTg to acknowledge Bac Lieu city as the city grade II was enforced on April 16th 2014.

That Bac Lieu city is acknowledged the city grade II bears the great significance because it marks a new step for socio-economic development of Bac Lieu province in general and Bac Lieu city in particular. This is the recognition of the central government about the effort of the Party, the governmental agencies and people of Bac Lieu province and Bac Lieu city. It is a the great encouragement and spiritual motivation in order to continue with more efforts to achieve more important results.

In the speech at the ceremony, Mr. Duong Thanh Trung – Secretary of the city Party Committee stressed that it is not only an honor but also a hard responsibility for Bac Lieu city Party and people, especially local heads when Bac Lieu city becomes the city grade II. In order to be deserved with the trust of leaders, the expectations of pensioners, the expectations of people, the City Party Committee and other governmental agencies will unite and be determined to overcome challenges and will be active, creative, concentrated to uphold all potentials and strengths of the city, constrict the city, form civilized lifestyle, make Bac Lieu city the center of economy, culture and tourism of the region and the country.

In order to continue promoting these achievements, make Bac Lieu city more and more developed, Mr. Vo Van Dung – Commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Bac Lieu provincial People’s Council requested the departments, governmental agencies and Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee, authorities not be satisfied with these achievements but need to try their best; continue adjusting, adding general planning for Bac Lieu city on the modern orientation and systematically manage, deploy projects effectively; invest in expanding the urban space of the city, and continue completing the transport infrastructure and the city appearance.

At the same time, they must continue to direct to make the socio-economy of the city developed more strongly so that it will be the motivation for the provincial development; develop aquaculture in the trend of modernization and industrialization and intensive cultivation; expand the model of agriculture in the urban; develop production branches in the trend of high technology; promote to develop tourism; intensify the progress of provincial key projects located in the city ; build more model roads; establish and expand no-trash roads to get to a clean city; effectively implement the campaign of urban civilized lifestyle performance of city people.

On this occasion, the Party, the government and people of Bac Lieu city were awarded the First-class Independence Medal of the President on getting many achievements in socio-economic development. Many individuals were awarded the Independence Medal and Labour Medal on getting outstanding achievements for the cause of building socialism and defending the nation.


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