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Presenting the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” Preserving and Promoting Fund named “Le Tai Khi”

On April 26th 2014, Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, People’s Committee held a meeting with entrepreneurs, artisans, artists and presented the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” Preserving and Promoting Fund named “Le Tai Khi”. This is one of the 21 main activities of the First National Don Ca Tai Tu Festival – Bac Lieu 2014.

Mr. Truong Minh Chien – Vice Secretary of Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee , Head of Provincial Delegation in Congress; Ms. Le Thi Ai Nam- Vice-Chairman of Bac Lieu provincial People’s Committee; Members of Provincial Standing Party Committee and People’s Committee; the representatives of General Department of Vietnam Tourism and representatives of other provinces and cities in the country and appropriately 500 entrepreneurs, artisans and artists inside and outside the province attended the meeting.

In her speech of this event, Ms. Le Thi Ai Nam, Vice-Chairman of Bac Lieu provincial People’s Committee emphasized that Bac Lieu province has got achievements on socioeconomic, national defense and security, people’s life has gradually improved, the urban and rural aspects have continuously changed. To gain these, beside the effort of authorities and people of the province, we must acknowledge the contribution of entrepreneurs, artisans and artists. Among them, the enterprises and entrepreneurs are the major factors in the change of the provincial economy. In this Festival, the contribution and support of entrepreneurs is not inconsiderable. On behalf of the Festival organization committee, Ms. Le Thi Ai Nam respectfully sent her thankfulness to the entrepreneurs, artisans, artists who have had great contribution to the provincial development.      


As a tribute to the artists, artisans and individuals who have had devoted contribution to the development of the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form, Bac Lieu province presented the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” preserving and promoting Fund “Le Tai Khi” with 1.2 million VND. To have more ability for preserving and promoting the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form, the province appealed to guests, businessmen, organizations, artists and artisans to continue their contribution and support to make the Fund bigger, larger in size, fields and beneficiaries.


Translated by Viet Thu

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