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The Opening of the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014

In the evening of April 25, 2014, the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 was officially opened.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung – Prime Minister; Mr. Vu Duc Dam – Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Le Kha Phieu – former Secretary General of Central Party Committee; Mr. Le Phuoc Tho – former Head of Organization Department of the Central Party Committee; Mr. Pham Van Tra – former Minister of National Defense; Mr. Uong Chu Luu – Vice Chairman of the Congress; representatives of Ministries, Central Departments, Party Committees of the Southeastern and Southwestern provinces and cities, Party Committee of Bac Lieu province, departments and units of the province, city and districts in Bac Lieu; delegates from the twinned province – Ninh Binh attended the ceremony.

With the topic “ Love and Passion of the Southern Land and People”, the opening ceremony outlined and introduced the historical tradition and beauty of the Southern land and people in general, Bac Lieu people in particular with the liberality, gallant, sentimentality; gave the overview of the formation and development of the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” – an intangible cultural heritage representing humanity; the formation of “Da Co Hoai Lang” song, Vong Co and the reformed theater.

The Opening of the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014        Picture: www.baclieu.gov.vn

Making the remarks in the Opening Ceremony, Mr. Vo Van Dung – Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, co-Head of the Steering Committee stressed: It is the honor for Bac Lieu to host this specially significant event and Bac Lieu leaders and people are deeply aware that the Southern cultural character is the very motive for the South to develop, Don Ca Tai Tu plays an important role in forming that character. The First National “Don Ca Tai Tu’ Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 aims at deepening the potentials, advantages and power of the South, forming the forum to send the message: “ preserve and promote those everlasting values”.

In this Festival, the “Don Ca Tai Tu” space is first made as a place for artists, artisans and enthusiasts all over the country to meet and exchange; a forum for discussing the responsibility to preserve and develop “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form as pointed out in the 7-point guideline of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the direction of the Prime Minister. The Festival includes series of activities whose central point is to honor and popularize “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form so that it will be able to be converged and shine.

In his remarks in the ceremony, the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam asserted that the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage representing humanity is the proud and honor of Viet Nam in general and 21 Southern provinces and cities in particular. It is also our important responsibility in conserving and upholding the invaluable heritages passed on by our ancestors to future generations even with blood and tears shed as well as the love, belief and hope for the National future generations and National bright future.

As one of the big cradles of the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu” art form, Bac Lieu, along with other provinces in the area, hosts the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival as a respectful report, a tribute to the ancestors, all individuals, organizations who have devoted heart and mind to the creation, conservation and development of this very unique, ordinary and simple yet refined and intellectual art form.

On this occasion, 11 individuals and organizations were given merit certificates by the Prime Minister for their excellent contributions for the preservation and promotion the artistic value of this genre.


Translated by Viet Thu

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