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The Remarks of Mr. Vo Van Dung, a commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, Head of the Festival Steering Committee in the Opening Ceremony of the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014

The Website of The Festival National “Don ca tai tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 officially uploads the original remarks of Mr. Vo Van Dung, a commissioner of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, Head of the Festival Steering Committee in the Opening Ceremony of the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014.

- Excellency Nguyen Tan Dung, a member of Politburo, the Prime Minister

- The leaders, former leaders of the Central Party, Government, Congress,

- Vietnam Heroic Mothers, Heroes of the people’s armed forces

- The leaders of the Ministries, Central Departments, provinces

- International guests

- Distinguished guests, artisans, artists and all people, comrades

Bac Lieu, one of the places associated with the formation of the Southern “Don ca tai tu”, is the fatherland of “Da Co Hoai Lang” song and “Vong Co”( the name of a traditional tune) – the King song of the Southern reformed theater. It is a great honor for Bac Lieu province to be permitted to host the First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and other Southern provinces. On behalf of the Steering Committee, Organization Committee, the whole provincial Party and people of Bac Lieu province, I would like to express our warmest welcome to all of you and wish the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, former Secretary General Le Kha Phieu, the leaders and former leaders of the Central Party, Government, Congress and all distinguished guests, artists, artisans and people in the Opening Ceremony good health!

Ladies and gentlemen!

As recorded in history, from the middle to the late 17th century, groups of people headed to the South, bringing their nativeland melodies. The change of climate, land as well as the generosity of the new land altered the characteristics of the settlers, they became more open-minded, more easy-going…Gradually, they helped to form the liberality, gallant, sentimentality of the Southern people; to form the waterway culture, the hick civilization and the integration into the combined community among Kinh, Hoa, Khmer, Cham people…In addition, the new art which was formed on the foundation of Hue royal music, the South ritual music and the folk songs was the Southern “Don Ca Tai Tu”. The settlers enjoyed, composed and descended “Don Ca Tai Tu” as it was a type of art to help them lessen their nostalgia as well as reduce their hard work.

The deep-rooted sentimental melodies have developed with time, with the reclaimation and settlement of the new comers over a century. “Don Ca tai Tu” with the Southern spirit is the important factor to form the distinguished Southern culture. The character is the spiritual foundation, the direct motive, the endocentric power to help the Southern people win the dangers to have their settlement, their career establishment; win the natural disasters, foreign invaders to protect their land…The cultural character freshened the souls of generations of the Southern people and strengthened the community solidarity.

The songs and music are not simply the songs and music, but they are the sentiment of the Southern people and the Southern land. Therefore, they not only exist and develop in the South but also have been spread to areas inside and outside of the country. The Southern “ Don ca tai tu” is now recognized as an intangible cultural heritage representing humanity. Getting the honor, we must recognize the effort, brainpower and zealousness of generations of artisans, artists and people who have created, protected and descended it.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Bac Lieu in the past was known through anecdotes about Bac Lieu Dandy who was well-known at the time. However, Bac Lieu today is the one that work hard, determinedly build the homeland in a distinct way. We inherit and uphold the good characteristics of the Southern people, of Bac Lieu people in the past, change the liberality, gallant, tolerance into the generosity, courteousness in behavior; treasure the prestige in doing business and working; live in sincerity, faithfulness and sense of honor; dignify the sympathy of people to gather the power; dignify  the culture to develop the economy. ..Bac Lieu have been upholding the magnanimous but human revolutionary tradition (it is the spirit of Ninh Thanh Loi event, Noc Nang Field; it is the humanity of two times seizing the power from the invaders without bleeding) to build a friendly, hospitable Bac Lieu, the amiable youngest sibling of other provinces, a green – clean – nice and civilized Bac Lieu with the logical plan including highly aesthetic cultural works to exploit the advantages of the homeland of “Da Co Hoai Lang “ and “Vong co” as well as other types of art performance to develop tourism; a province with big economic projects as the motives for unshakable development such as Bac Lieu Wind Power Factory, a friendly project for environment, producing clean power, the second renewable energy in Vietnam and the first one in Mekong Delta…

With those efforts, Bac Lieu have been working all the best to have a successful Festival.

Ladies and gentlemen!

In this Festival, the “Don Ca Tai Tu” space is first established to be a place for artisans, artists and enthusiasts to meet and exchange; a forum for discussing the responsibility to preserve and develop “Don Ca Tai Tu” art as the 7 – point guideline of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the direction of the Prime Minister. The Festival includes a series of events whose central point is to honor and populize “Don Ca Tai Tu” so that it will be able to be converged and shine. Besides, this is the first time for the Southern provinces to have the linkage together and with big cities in developing tourism through the tourism fair among the Tourism Companies and Departments of Culture, Sport and Tourism, by tourism majors to hasten the growing of this major economic branch. The most important point is that this meeting gives a good opportunity for the Southern provinces have closer relation and combination to develop themselves and develop the South to catch up the developing stream of the whole country, whose motive is culture.

Bac Lieu provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee and people respectfully express the gratitude to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism as well as other Ministries, Central Departments and the Southern provinces, cities for concerning and support to let Bac Lieu host the specially significant event. We respectfully express the gratitude to the leaders of the Central Party, Government, Congress, the International leaders, guests, the leaders of the Northern provinces, the twinned Ninh Binh province and distinguished guests for spending time attending this event in Bac Lieu and attending this ceremony. We would like to thank the sponsors and other units for your important part in hosting the Festival. A deep gratitude to all people, comrades of the province for your consensus, difficulty sharing, efforts to implement the provincial guidelines to make the Festival to be opened today.

Bac Lieu have a deep awareness that the Southern Cultural Character is the motive for the South to develop and “Don Ca Tai Tu” is an important factor to form that character. The First National “Don Ca Tai Tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014 aims at deepening the potentials, advantages and strength of the South, it is the forum to bring out the message: “Preserve and uphold this everlasting value”.

With the presence of the Prime Minister, leaders and people, I state: Open the First National “Don ca tai tu” Festival – Bac Lieu 2014.

Wish the leaders, distinguished guests and all people good health and happiness. Wish you all have good impression during your stay in Bac Lieu. Wish the Festival a great success.

Thank you!

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