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The attractive destinations on the occasion of the first National Festival on Don Ca Tai Tu

Bac Lieu province will organize the first National Festival on Don Ca Tai Tu in April 2014. Bac Lieu is a place where tourists can not only enjoy an art and cultural festival but also visit a lot of attractive destinations.


The first National festival Don Ca Tai Tu in Bac Lieu-2014 will be organized from April 20 to 25, 2014 in Bac Lieu province. With 21 main activities, this will be an occasion for tourists to enjoy and harmonize in cultural spaces which are infused with the national identities.

Coming to Bac Lieu province on the occasion of the Festival of Don Ca Tai Tu, in addition to hearing and seeing main activities of the festival it’s a chance for tourist to visit many places in this coastal province such as The Temple of President Ho Chi Minh, Noc Nang Field, Vinh Hung ancient tower, Nam Hai Buddha Altar, Tac Xay parish, Khmer Buddha pagodas, Bac Lieu’s Bird Sanctuary, Longan Orchard, Vinh Hung ancient tower, Bac Lieu Rich Man’s House…, they all have particular features that give people unforgettable impressions.

The Temple of President Ho Chi Minh (Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi district) is place where authorities and people in Bac Lieu province show a deep sense of gratitude to the beloved father of the country. Many valuable pictures and documents about Ho Chi Minh are displayed here.

Nam Hai Buddha Altar (Nha Mat Quarter, Bac Lieu City) attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. Bac Lieu Province is building big Kuan-yin mountain in this coastal area now

Khmer pagodas such as Ghositaram (Hung Hoi commune, Vinh Loi district), Xiem Can pagoda (Vinh Trach Dong commune, Bac Lieu city) have their particular beauty of Khmer cultures to make tourists impressed.

Vinh Hung ancient tower (Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district) is more than 1000 years old and is considered as one of the ancient towers of Oc Eo culture existing up to now.

Noc Nang Field (Phong Thanh A commune, Vinh Loi district) was a place where the poor people fought against the Western invaders to keep their rice, Muoi Chuc family was the typical example. Pictures, documents about fight are exhibited here, and this patriotic person is also buried here.

The over 300-year-old mango tree (Vinh Trach Dong commune, Bac Lieu city)has a  big trunk, tens of branches which cover the ground of 300m2  wide and it is the oldest tree in the Mekong Delta Region. Bac Lieu province is compiling document to send to the competent agency to recognize this tree as a cultural heritage.

Bac Lieu’s Bird Sanctuary (Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu city) with tens of species of birds,  and many species of rare animals and plants.


Some of pictures in Bac Lieu rich man’s House:

Many people are interested to save the moment at this ancient table and chair set

Ancient Television

The player and the speaker from France

A still-working radio

A set of benches is made from the precious wood which visitors sit on to take photos.

Besides the above locations, there are some locations such as Bang pagoda  (pagoda of Chinese, Bac Lieu city), the place of worship of Cao Trieu family (Bac Lieu city) is where to worship the historical figure Cao Trieu Phat; the commemorative house of the Musician Cao Van Lau (Bac Lieu city); Longan Orchar (Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu city) with the squares of over 230 ha and lots of tall and old longan stumps; Nha Mat tourist zone (Bac Lieu city) has just opened an artificial water park which is considered as one of the biggest ones in Mekong Delta region. Therefore, these are destinations for tourists who are interested in tourism and discovery.

Collect by TN - Source: Cultural newspaper Vietnamnet

Translated by NG


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