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Netherland - Viet Nam Businessman Association Mission work with Bac Lieu province

On October, 7, Businessman Netherland - Viet Nam Association Mission leaded by Mr. Dao Huy Giam, Business Counsellor Viet Nam in Netherland worked with leaders of province about find out promote investment in motive power project that province calling for investment. Among that, the focus is deep water port project in Ganh Hao town, Dong Hai district.
Netherland - Viet Nam Businessman Association Mission work with Bac Lieu province.
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Welcoming and working with the mission, there are Mr. Truong Minh Chien, Deputy Province Committee Secretary, Delegation leader of member of provincial congress, Mr. Le Minh Chien, Vice - Chairman of People's Committee and he leader of some branches, departments in provincal level, the People’s Committe of Dong Hai district and delegates of some enterprises in province area.

At the meeting, leaders of province introduced in general about social-economic situation, potentials, strengths, and some of contents, and some lists that preparing to call investment in economic-social development fields of province. Particularly, total product in provice average raise every year is 12 percent; paddy product in first 9 moth of 2013 is 633.000 tons, cultivate and exploit aquatic - seafood product achieve 204.000 tons, industrial production value achieve 3100 billion VND, export turnover achieve 277 million USD, mostly are shirmp and rice. Now, province is calling for important projects that is motivate of province such as multipurpose deep water port project in Ganh Hao seaport, wind power project, dykes and stone embankment works, and industrial zone and cluster in province area.

Bac Lieu always falicitate investor. These projects that the investor deploy in our province area are apply the most advantageous according to rules of law. Beside some common preferentials, investor also enjoy additional support policies about technical training, trade promotion, product advertising, technological transfer, trade agency and investment project introduction.

Netherland- VietNam Businessman Association Mission introduced some potenials about product consume, especially agricultural and aquatic products in Netherland market; introduce building and developingdeep water port experience in Netherland, as well as exchange with province about investment methods to develop deep water port effectively in Bac lieu. Representing for the mission, Mr. Dao Huy Giam, Trade Counsellor of Viet Nam in Ntherland thinks that investment opportunity and trade exchange ability of Bac Lieu province in Netherland market and some nations of EU, especially agriculture and aquatic product is very excellent. With project of invest to develop deep water port in Ganh Hao town and Dong Hai district. This is a motive which can prove maximum  potentials and stregth exploit of province. Among them, we need to combine to build factorys, transportation system and goods service around the port to unite to develop Mekong Delta area.

Speaking to end the meeting, Mr. Le Minh Chien, Vice Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee said that beside stregth about agriculture, aquatic product, clean energy development and sea exploit, Bac Lieu also have a big potenial about eco-tourism service,culture, spirit…Mr. Le Minh Chien, Vice Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee thanks for working trip of the mission, and he hopes that from this trip of  Netherland- Viet Nam Businessman Association will be an important bridge to promote investment, trade cooperation and exchange two-way relation between Viet Nam and Netherland as well as among Netherland enterprises with the enterprises in province to help Bac Lieu exploit potential and stregth better.

 Written by NL

Translated by NG


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