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Mr. Pham Hoang Be, Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee welcomes leaders of Seil Susan- Korea Company

In the morning of August, 23, Mr. Pham Hong Be, Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee welcomes leader mission of Seil Susan- Korea Japan leaded by Mr. Jun Yan Bok, CEO of company on this occasion of coming and working with Hong Dan District to survey and prepare to promoting germinate, nourish, process project and export eels goods to Korea market.

Welcoming the mission, there are also leaders some of braches, departments in province level and leaders of district, the People’s Committee of Hong Dan district.

Mr. Pham Hoang Be, Chairman of Baclieu People’s Committee welcome leaders of Seil Susan- Korea company                                                                              Photo: www.baclieu.gov.vn

Mr. Pham Hoang Be, Chairman of Bac lieu People’s Committee said that leaders of Bac Lieu province feels very inspired when they know leaders of Seil Susan- Korea company come to find out and promote investment to co-operate in Hong Dan area. At the same time, they hopes leaders of Seil Susan company exchange problems that related with promote, to deploy cooperate investment with Bac Lieu province. Our province will support and perform policies that relate to preferential investment within scope of law of two nations and facilitate for germinate, nourish, process and export goods eels project to Korea market to deploy soon.

At the meeting, leaders of Hong Dan district report with the People’s Committee of Bac Lieu province about work content between district and company in the past time. Particularly, from April, 2013, Seil Susan Company and district signed a report to memorize the cooperative investment in germinate, nourish, process field and goods eels export to Korea market. Among that, Seil Susan company will support germinate seed technology, nourish and purchase eels of Hong Dan farmers to process and export to Korea market. In this trip, leaders of this company and leaders of Hong Dan district survey fact in some area where have suit condition to nourish eels in Hong Dan district; survey place to build factory process eels factory to export. First time, the expected capacity is 1 ton per day.

Mr. Jun Yang Bok, CEO of Seil Susan Company thanks for welcoming of Mr. Pham Hoang Be, Chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee and he said that, with traditional experience of company in nourish field and process eels, company will cooperate and deploy to realize success this project in Bac Lieu.

Chairman of Bac Lieu Committee also affirm that Bac Lieu Province always willing to create the best condition in legal scope of Viet Nam- Korea that company will deploy to realize early success this project not only in Hong Dan district but also enlarge in some local to have condition nourish eels in Bac Lieu province.


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