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The international volleyball women’s tournament VTV CUP 2015: Attractive finals

In the evening of August 1st, 2015 in Bac Lieu multifunction hall will happen two the finals match of the international volleyball women’s tournament VTV CUP 2015. This is the match pinnacle of the teams that affirms ability to go the final match, to get a championship. Therefore, the final match will promise attractive and theatricality.

To come with the 12th VTV Cup to organize in Bac Lieu, Teams have prepared serious, strong force to want the high prize in the tournament. In the guest teams that North Korea came Viet Nam before two weeks to train and Viet Nam concentrated very early to prepare for the tournament. 

From what the teams show in the tournament, we can see that quality, the level of the teams is equal. Thereby, four candidates can go the final match as Viet Nam, Liaoning Club of China, North Korea and Thailand. With stable, flexible tactics, Viet Nam has many victories in five matches in the group. With result the first group, Viet Nam will continue in the final match when to face with Thailand in the second semifinal, the rival defeat Viet Nam with score 1-3.

A strong candidate for the championship that is Liaoning Club of China, this team has four victories match in the group, to fait a match before Viet Nam with score 2-3. The first semifinal, they meet North Korea, the rival defeat with score 3-0 in the group but with to correct sensible and war spirit, North Korea determined to revenge and play at the final match.

There are only two teams to come the final match in the tournament but they are the four teams that are very meritorious. With equal force, four teams continued play in two final matches that to compete the third and the championship will promise to create pinnacle match.

Written by CK

Translated by NG

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