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The international women’s volleyball tournament VTV Cup 2015: to appear candidates in the semifinal

Thought to undergo the three matches but the international volleyball women’s tournament VTV Cup 2015 showed real strength of the teams. Thereby, it is possible to identify candidates to go the next stage of the prize.

To continue win before Philippines and Nanjing University (China), Viet Nam is somewhat stable in way of playing. Although young formation but under to guide of Ngoc Hoa Captain who has many experiences, Viet Nam women’s players has matured each the matches. Young athletes such as Ngoc Diem, Thanh Thuy, Kim Chi to make rivals that are more reserved than when faced. With two absolute win and the score is 3-0, Viet Nam – championship is confidence to conquer VTV Cup 2015.

Liaoning Club is an unknown in this prize that it is decipher. With superior height in comparison with rivals (Medium height is 1,84 m)  and technical play, Liaoning Club was win with score 3-0 before North Korea. However, North Korea defeated Liaoning Club in the second match, but North Korea is still ability to rise in the match remains that is one of the fourth teams in the semifinal.  

An other candidate is young Thailand team, though to fait Liaoning Club  in the first match but Thailand returned strong in the second match with score 3-0 before Philippines. Because, there are six teams to participate, to choose four teams in the semifinal what to express, the teams as Viet Nam, Liaoning Club, North Korea and Thailand will be tournament in the next stage ; athletes from Philippines and Nanjing University (China) is no longer hope to compete ticket in the next tournament.

    Written by CK

Translated by NG

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