Women’s Union


Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Ward 1, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province.

Tel: (84-781)3823 895

Fax: (84-781)3922 696

Website: http://hpn.baclieu.gov.vn

Chairman: Mrs. Tran Hong Chien

The Organizational Structure of Vietnam Women’s Union in Bac Lieu Provice


Leaders of Union

1. Trần Hồng Chiến - Central Committee Member - Member Provincial Party Committee -Chairwomen of Vietnam Women’s Union in Bac Lieu province.

2. Trương Thị Nghi - Vice Chairwomen of Vietnam Women’s Union in province.

3. Phạm Thị Mỹ Linh - Vice Chairwomen of Vietnam Women’s Union in province.

4. Lâm Thị Mỹ Kiều - Vice Chairwomen of Vietnam Women’s Union in province.

Function and Duty

1.     Function

Representative, protective equality, democratic, legal benefit, legitimate of woman, to take park in building a party, and the state management;

Union, collection, propagation, education, campaign, guide organization woman to practice policy of party, policy, law of the state, contribution to build and protect socialist of Viet Nam

2.     Duty

Propagandize, exercise, educate of woman to preserve into play virtue, good tradition of nation and Viet Nam women organization to create condition that helping woman to raise awareness, level, capacity in every aspect zealous to perform duties developing socio- economic, national security, to build prosperous family, equality and progressive

To participate  construction, critical society and oversea performance law, policy about gender equality, power protection, legal benefit, legitimate of woman, staff, propose with party, state about assignment woman to create condition that woman equality and developing

To collect all levels of woman, develop associate, to construct organization powerful association, to enhance quality cadre staff that satisfy requirement developing industrialization and modernization

Diversified legal source of revenue to build and develop fund association unshakeable to support activity of association union, cooperate with the state woman, organization individuals progress in the area and the world so equality, develop and peace

Six important tasks

1. To raise awareness, level, ability of woman to respond requirement new situation to build Viet Nam woman to have health; knowledge, competence skills, dynamic creative, cultural life and benevolent.

2. To participate construction, opponent society and oversee performance policy law about gender equality

3. To support woman developing economic, to create work, to raise income

4. To support woman to build family, equality, process, happy

5. Build, develop association organization powerful

      6. To enlarge relationship and international cooperation so equality, developing and peaceful