1. Natural conditions

Bac Lieu has geographical location; In the East- South- East adjacent to East sea, in the West-South-West adjacent to Ca Mau province, in the North adjacent to Hau Giang province and Kien Giang province, in the East – North- East adjacent to Soc Trang province. Natural land area is 257,094 ha, in which, land for rice production of 77,679 ha, land for aquaculture of 115,139 ha, forest land of 4,743 ha, salt land of 2,513 ha. Coast lasts 56km, with three large estuaries: Ganh Hao, Cai Cung, Nha Mat and large fishery over 40,000 km2, focused on many valuable aquatic species such as: shrimp, cuttle-fish, fish….

2. Social - Economic conditions

The province has planned for stable production with three ecological zones: Fresh water zones fresh water zone for production of rice, fruit trees, farm produce with rice output in 2012 reached 965,000 tons/year and plentiful farm produce output provided in the zone; Brackish water zone which many combined production models: rice-shrimp, shrimp- crab, fish….brought high economic effectiveness, average in come over VND 50 million/ha/year; Salt water zone in the south National Road 1A, for mainly shrimp hatching and breading valuable sea species such as eels, groupers, Pseudapocryptes elongates, crabs, oysters, orcas….together with sea exploitation being become important economy of the province with output in 2012 reached 258,000 tons, in which, output of sugpro prawn with 72,000 tons, high value, contributed to export turnover with over USD 300 million. With 2,513 ha of salt production, salt output of 117,000 tons/year, good quality, for consumption of the local people with high competition advantage (Bac Lieu’s salt has been well-known for long time).

Bac Lieu’s economy had stably developed and on accelerative impetus, together with fast urbanization process promoted trade, services field in active change. Total goods circulation levels in 2012 reached VND 22,700 billion; 18 restaurants. Hotel have complied with standard from 1 to 3 stars, to ensure service quality for tourists to Bac Lieu. Commercial bank system has fast developed, currently 17 bank and their branches operating in the province area, are available to meet capitals to investors and enterprises for project, production and business deployment.

The sea product processing industry has strongly developed, with finished-product output approximate 40,000 tons/year, for export and become main industry of the province. Construction industry has developed last years: urban infrastructure; new residential area; clue market systems, business centers,…are deployed and hastened by the province and investors with schedule, this has fast changed in physiognomy of the city and centers of districts during urbanization. Bac Lieu province has deployed investment in infrastructure completion of Tra Kha Industrial Zone, currently plan is arranged for investors to deploy the project; continuously deploy infrastructure industrial complexes in districts and cities, to initiatively and readily meet investors to Bac Lieu. Especially, the Prime Minister had Decision No. 221/QD-TTg dated 22/02/2012 on approving master plan for the socio-economic development of Bac Lieu province to 2020. Upon that basis, the province has made portfolio of some important projects with economic development motivation to call upon investment.

Bac Lieu has many historical monuments, cultural relics, famous landscape containing the south cultural features and Oc Eo cultural features and famous tourist sites such as: historical monument of Dong Noc Nang, Vinh Hung ancient tower (Oc Eo culture), Hiep Thanh bird yard, Lap Dien bird yard, Phuoc Long bird yard, ancient logan garden, white salt field, stone watch, Xiem Can pagoda, ancient mango foot of 300 years, Quan Am Phat Dai spirit Tourist Area, Tac Say Church, Ca Ong pagoda,…which annually attracts many visitors, tourists all over the world. Especially, Bac lieu is a place generating “ Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang” ( hearing a drum at night, thinking of the husband), forerunner of contemporary traditional tune, as one of cradles of “ Đờn Ca Tài Tử” (playing musical instruments without percussion) of the South well-known by local and foreign peoples; as homeland of “Công Tử Bạc Liêu” (Bac Lieu’s mandarin’s son) with “Công Tử Bạc Liêu” ancient house complex and attractive anecdotes, to be discovered by everyone. Currently, the province and investors deploy tourist projects such as : coastal convalescence home and resort; ecological tourist areas; sea tourist area;…. Such a place to be attractive for tourists to enjoy and rest, good times when they come to Bac Lieu.

3. Infrastructure

Waterway, road traffic system is very convenient, with National Road 1A and Quan Lo- Phung Hiep route running parallel to the length of the province, together with cross routes connecting to these two national roads; Ho Phong – Ganh Hao to connect from Ganh Hao seaport to National Road 1A; Ganh Hao-Gia Rai- Vinh Thuan route to connect to Ho Chi Minh road ; Cau Sap- Ninh Quoi road; Vinh My- Phuoc Long road;…shall help bac Lie circulate goods and travel to province on the region, especially large economic centers such as : Can Tho ( far from Bac Lieu about 110 km), Ho Chi Minh city ( far from Bac Lieu about 280 km) more conveniently. Especially, Bac Lieu –Hau Giang- Ha Tien Expressway, connecting to Xa Xia through Cambodia planned shall expand border trade with the South –East Asia countries. The South Hau river route running along coastal from Soc Trang to Bac Lieu to connect to inner Bac Lieu city. Waterway traffic system with Bac Lieu- Ca Mau river route, Quan Lo- Phung Hiep channel, Ganh Hao – Ho Phong channel , Ganh Hao seaport ( for Ganh Hao, ships with 10,000 tons may be enterable) shall be very favorable to Mekong River Delta province and Ho Chi Minh city in waterway transport to the whole country and road. Together with rather synchronous communication, power, water supply and drainage system, all of the shall be good conditions for investors’ deployment of projects in the provincial area.

In order to promote administrative procedures reform, civil authorities of the province is implementing the administrative procedure handling model under “one-door” mechanism, especially administrative procedure reform in relation to enterprises; the Provincial Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center is a clue to receive and advise handling all administrative procedures as well as difficulties during implementation of project and production and business of organization, individuals reach the highest investment effectiveness.

Currently, the province is actively investing in and equipping material facilities to human resources training system. Bac Lieu province has 1 university, 2 colleges, 3 professional junior colleges and educational and vocational training establishment network at all districts and city, with existing human resource training establishment. To raise total trained laborers up to 40 % over total laborers in labor ages of the province.


1. Aquatic products and Agricultural – Forest - Salt production

Completed the planning of agriculture branch until the year 2020 for the South National Road 1A area, from sea dike turning back in direction to 15,000 ha of industrial shrimp hatching area concentrated in Bac Lieu city, Hoa Binh district, Dong Hai district; had base of project preparation upon each suitable scale, area for investment in infrastructure( irrigation, traffic, power,…) completely, synchronously, meeting intensive hatching; fast completing completion of sample model on afforestation with ecological hatching ( 200 ha at former Vinh Hau farm) to expand conditioned places. For non-transformed rice areas, depending on each place of salt prevention dike, continue rice cultivation; invest in modern infrastructure for salt making, production under intensive direction in application of new technology. For region out of dikes, continue protective forest plantation; re-organize and support cooperatives of molluse breeding effectively, protect ecology and handle jobs for coastal poor households.

For the North National road 1A region, organize rice production in direction of intensive cultivation for rice quality improvement for export, keep stability of rice cultivation area for 2-3 crops to ensure food security; restore freshwater fish breeding; rice-shrimp area of 29,000 ha; stabilize rice- shrimp production sub-region, strongly develop green crayfish for export.

Sustainable growth speed in the whole agriculture branch, with production value annually increased 6.7% in which cultivation and breeding increased about 7%, aquatic products increased 6.5%; in 2012 food output reached 965,000 tons; aquatic products reached 258,000 tons; increase in farm produce plantation area; concentrate strong development of breeding in farm direction, raise the breeding density in the agriculture; deploy high- quality salt production model, dried salt output over 117,000 tons.

Product structure transformation of aquaculture in direction of increase in high valuable shrimp, crab and aquatic species output; interesting in steering in technique, breeding animal, irrigation and environment treatment; encourage fishers in investment in modern means, equipments, high capacity, promote offshore aquatic products exploitation. Deploy building plan of national standard communes on new rural construction, promulgated policies for agricultural, rural support.

2. Industry – construction

Production value in 2012 in industry- construction area increase 14%, in which : Industry increased 16%; output of some main products such as: processed aquatic products reached 34,603 tons, raw salt of 97,970 tons, refined salt and iodine salt of 10,000 tons, tap-water over 4.050 million m3, ensure commodity power supply with increase of 14%, husked rice of 495,000 tons, beer production of 33.1 litter million, breeding food of 1,750 tons; interest in development support of repair engineering industry, construction materials, small industry and traditional trade villages.

The province has created all favorable conditions so that investors may put into exploitation conditions so that investors may put into exploitation of completed projects: Office Building Complex ( Bac Lieu Tower), Packing production plant, windpower plant of stage 1….Continue hastening construction schedule of large scale works such as: Embankment at two river bank of Bac Lieu city, Bac Lieu A market, Gia Rai- Ganh Hao, Vinh My – Phuoc Long roads, Gia Rai bridge, Thanh Vu medic II hospital…;well prepare plan and investment procedures to prematurely deploy start of many key works, some large projects, containing motivation such as: Power center, food processing plant of Hong Dan district, projects for traffic, infrastructure of tourist areas, infrastructure projects of new urban areas, district centers and Bac Lieu city,…strive to improve growth speed of production value of industry and construction up to 25.85%.

3. Trade - service

In 2012, production value of service area with growth level reached 16%; total goods circulation level of VND 22,700 billion, in increase of 25.74%; promoted export of two key articles as frozen aquatic products of 28,135 tons and rice of 92,000 tons direct export turnover reached over USD 300 million.

Develop service industries in direction of quality, effective improvement; promote serice industries with high turnover; expand rural service network, well exploit domestic market, fully and timely supply necessary articles for production and life of the local people, stabilize price; continue effective implementation of movement “ Vietnamese give priority to use Vietnam goods”

4. Tourism

The province strives in the period 2012-2015 to reach tourist revenue of VND 3,000 billion, in average increase of 23%/year and until 2015, GDP of tourism shall reach 2.52%/GDP of the whole province under Resolution no.02-NQ/TU dated 24/6/2011 of the Provincial Party Executive Committee(Course XIV) “ For strengthening tourism development”.

On the basis of restoration and embellishment of national – level historical monument of the president Ho Chi Minh, currently, the province calls upon restoration of Vinh Hung ancient tower art architecture relic area; strengthens investment progress of tourism infrastructure for Nha Mat tourist area, Provincial party base area in Cai Chanh-establishment place of the first Party Cell of the province in Dong Hai district….;calls upon enterprises to invest in some high-quality restaurants, hotels to meet increasing demands of tourists.

       Source: Baclieu-Potential and Opportunities for investment