Investment certificate registration

Promotion Center Baclieu is the responsible principal institution to receive and deal with the papers from investors, concurrently to alternate the administrative papers, to keep track of the considering process  of functional departments, people’s committee of districts concerning administrative procedures in investment certificate registration  and collect information to complete papers and then to forward Department of Plan and Investment to submit the papers to People’s Committee of the Province consider and confer Investment Certificate to the concerning organizations or persons. 

In the case investor completes the necessary papers involving investment certificate as prescribed

- Projects that is not necessary to register for investment certificate: Just for small scale projects of inland investors having capital under 15 billions of Vietnam Dong, out of investment field with the terms.

- Projects that must register for investment certificate consisting of:

Projects must not investigate to confer investment certificate: inland projects possess the capital from 15 billions to 300 billions of Vietnam Dong and out of business investment field of in the terms; investment projects with foreign capital, in the scale of under 300 billion Vietnam Dong and out of investment fields of in the term.

Projects must investigate to confer investment certificate: Projects possess the capital of above 300 billion Vietnam Dong; in the list of investment projects in the terms (do not prescribe the capital). Promotion Center Baclieu receive the application, if the application is correct and complete, it will alternate Department of Plan and Investment to investigate as prescribed. In the case projects in investment field have not planned or have not had in planning yet, Promotion Center Baclieu have the responsibility to collect suggestion of functional departments and provincial people’s committee or collect  the concerning suggestion of central institutions, ministries.

b) In the case investor has not completed the paper application for the certificate as prescribed

If investor submits only investment application and encloses requirement of firm conditions to implement the project, Promotion Center Baclieu will investigate the concerning information to the investor (personality, professional, finance, business permission,…), discuss or deal directly with the investors to discover the necessary and first step condition to define the purposes of investors.

c) Institutions involve the consideration of investment projects, to confer investment certificate

- Department of Resources – Environment: preside and cooperate concerning functional institutions to introduce the project position and resolve the procedure to allot the land or land for rent… The department submits the Provincial People’s Committee to consider and make the decision in land matters. To consult and submit the Provincial People’s Committee to performance revokes the land. To make project to compensate, aid and resettle. To monitor, to check in, to submit Provincial People’s Committee to resolve the relevant problems in the resources, environment. To collect the suggestion concerning the land, to complete the procedure to submit Provincial People’s Committee to make the decision to confer the land to  investors;

- Department of Plan and Investment: to be the last institution to consider the regularity, lawfulness of investment projects, to act directly as Provincial People’s Committee to confer the investment certificate to company or investors;

- Cooperative institutions: to cooperate functional institutions, to preside, to consider, and to take responsibility of content in suggestions or under management responsibility. To obey exactly the cooperative process, to ensure quality and the time, to take responsibility of results, specially in investment field with in the terms

Source: BacLieu Potential and Investment Opportunities