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After the victory of the general uprising to seize power in accordance with the request of President Ho Chi Minh, National Committee of Viet Nam Liberation reformed by itself to establish Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam for 64 years ago. At that time,The provisional government had the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) by General Vo Nguyen Giap as the first Minister to implement duty of State Apparatus Building and Revolutionary Government Protection. On August, 28 1945, this event recorded in history, marking the birth of State organization sector in State Revolutionary by Viet Nam Communist Party Leaders.

After declaring independence on February, 09 1945, the MoHA performed functions and tasks with first class of fully revolutionary enthusiasm embarked in building study of a new State apparatus. Under leadership directly of President Ho Chi Minh, the MoHA act as adviser for Party and Government of important policies of State apparatus building. After the first session of the Government (March,09 1945), the Government issued decree to focus on main issues of a new People’s Government machinery building such as: elected National Assembly elections, establishment of government institutions, building and strengthening local government at all levels, building working regulations of State apparatus; setting up a new civil servant regime.

In additional that advising, the Ministry of Home Affairs implement directly many specific working of government organizational structure, regime for civil servant, public affairs, local government building, making sure of social security, protecting Party and Government from the enemy.

Along with the implementation of duties, State organizations have also been strengthened their consolidations. According to 14/NV Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs on organizational structure including: assisting office directly to Minister and four Bureaus: Bureau of Civil servant and accounting be responsible for promulgating of civil servant regulation and internal accounting, Bureau of Legislation and Administration in charge of legislation and administration, Bureau of Inspection be responsible for administration and politics, Bureau of Public Security  be responsible for security.

On March, 02 1946 with the victory from general election at the first session, the first National Assembly of Viet Nam Democratic Republic elected the government for People’s leading to perform important duties in rebuilding the country, struggling to conserve independence and against French colonist. In the Government structure, the Ministry of Home Affairs performing functions, tasks, advising for State apparatus by Minister Huynh Thuc Khang, in June 1947 as Minister Ton Duc Thang , in November 1947 as Minister Phan Ke Toai. During 9 years of resistance war, the MoHA has prepared legal documents for Government’s issuance to strengthen and perfect State apparatus, to establish civil servant regime in accordance with condition of war and found a State. Specially, the issuance of Decree No.76/SL dated May, 20 1950 of new regulations of civil servant regime of creating legal basis for building of civil servant staff of State revolutionary.

During awar of resistance against French colonist, the Ministry of Home Affairs also directly perform assigned duties: building and management of organizational structure to Government’s bodies along with issuing organizational regulations of ministry, functions and tasks of assisting agencies for local Administrative Resistance Committee, building and management of local government at all levels to combine Resistance Committee and Administrative Committee from province to commune level  to become Administrative Resistance Committee, rules for element and working relation between Committee at all levels, organizational structure, administrative procedure, establishment of administrative boundary, building and management of new civil servant regime, determining staffing, recruitment regulation, organizing competitive examination of civil servant scale; assisting Government in establishment and association management, management of religious according to the law. In the years of arduous resistance, State organization for the first time held a successful recruitment of civil servant for State Democratic structure.

The organizational apparatus of the MoHA and sector are also to be strengthened and developed in the finalizing process of State apparatus and a victory of a war against France. According to Decree No.58/SL of President dated May, 03 1946 established structure and organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs including: Office of Ministry and Bureaus: Bureau of Civil servant and accounting, Bureau of Administrative Legislation (also known as Bureau of law), Bureau of Inspection, Bureau of Public Security (Viet Nam Public Security). In 1953 Bureau of Public Security separated into Order and Ministry of Public Security, later renamed the Ministry of Public Security.

On May, 7 1954 with Dien Bien Phu historic victory, the North of Viet Nam completely liberated from French colonist and lots of new problems carried out by State apparatus, civil servant and public affairs. After moving from base to Ha Noi, cadres and civil servants quickly started building the Government machinery after the war. In a short term, some issues of strengthening Government apparatus in the locality, the establishment of Northwest autonomous area, Viet Bac, adjustment of salary regime and adjustment of staffing to stabilize the organizational structure of people's power and restore socio-economic development.

In 1960 – 1969, to meet new the needs and tasks in accordance with Government’s structure is prescribed in the Constitution in 1959 and Resolution of Congress, positions, duties and powers of Ministry of Home Affairs for a new regulation.

On September 29,1961 the Government issued Decree No.130/CP, the MoHA is a body of Council government responsible for managing the organization and  civil service in the ways, policies of Party and State, making sure of well complete the building and strengthening the State apparatus and civil service working. At this time, the Ministry submited the government to  issue the Law on new Government Council Organization, submiting for Council of Government promulgating legal documents on policies, regulations, requirements and approvals for the establishment of new organizations under their authorities on building and strengthening local government at all levels, management of boundary of administrative units; organizing elections, management of the Central Administration School, workforce statistics, civil servant and officil of administration and business, staff management of bodies in the production area and regime, policy for war invalids, partiotic martyr as well as Vietnamese oversea and management of fire prevention.

In these years, the organizational structure of the MoHA as well as State organization with these changes and developments significantly. Organizational structure of the Ministry including: Office, Department of Personnel Organization, Department of local government, Department of salary staff, Department of Civil Affairs and Information, Department of Vietnamese oversea, Department of Fire, Department of Pension and Business Units, Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs by Mr. Nong Van Khieu (1963-1971). He played the special role of functions, duties, powers and organizational structures of the MoHA and the development situation of the local organizations. On June,13 1963, the Ministry of Home Affairs promulgated Circular No.15/NV about regulating the organizational structure directed by the MoHA in the locality. Accordingly, the Ministry of Home Affairs directing  areas and provinces, centrally-run cities were focused on a unified organization named Board of Civil Affairs. It seperated into two blocks: organization and policy block. The regulations of organizational structures to State apparatus in provinces and cities were important milestones to mark the complete of organizational system in State organization. It consisted of  Ministry of Home Affairs, Departments of personnel organizationing in ministries, Sectors under Central and Board of Civil Affairs in provinces and Centrally-run cities.

The implementation of functions and tasks of the MoHA and branch contributed significantly to continue building State Democratic stronger, making sure of State social-economic development in peace years as well as fighting an air force war by escalation of the United Sates imperialism to the North of Viet Nam, construction and protection the North socialist and becoming a big rear for fighting liberation of the South.     

By 1970, there was a big change in State organization system. According to Decision No.40/CP on February, 26 1970 of Council of Government on functions and tasks and State organization management from the Ministry of Home Affairs to Prime Minister Palace by the vice prime minister standing directed directly. At this time, the MoHA was implemented some social missions. On June, 06 1975 at the first session of National Assembly for the term V combined between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Home Affairs into the Ministry of Home Affairs. In May 1998, at the 3rd session of National Assembly for the term X, Resolution No.13 named the Ministry of Home Affairs into the Ministry of Public Security. The function and task on organizational structure and civil servant of the MoHA by the of Government organization to base on function and task of organizational structure from the Ministry of Home Affairs to Prime Minister Palace. On February, 20 1973 Council Government issued Decree No.29/CP of establishing the Government organization to carry out the task to help Prime Minister of organization management according to way and policy of Party, Law of State on building and development State apparatus in term of the new situation and task. Government  Organization has replaced the Ministry of Home Affairs to be was responsible for Government’s head body of in the field of State organization.

Despite the transfer of apparatus organization responsible for function, task and managing the organization of State in central, but State sector system has remained by it to participate in State building stronger.

At the first session, National Assembly for the term XI (2002 - 2007) has decided to government structure of the new term. To meet the requirement and duty for apparatus building and staff, civil servant in the new situation, Government personnel organization was renamed the Ministry of Home Affairs by National Assembly, with the first name 64 years ago.

Directly leadership of Government Organization and the Ministry of Home Affairs from 1971 to 2009 were: Mr. Duong Quoc Chinh,  Minister of Home Affairs (1971-1975), Mr. Vu Trong Kien

Head of Government Organization (1979-19880), Mr.Tran Cong Tuynh, acting head of Government Organization (1988-1989), Mr. Phan Ngoc Tuong, Minister-Head of Organization and Government staff (1989-1996), Mr. Do Quang Trung, Minister-Head of Government Organization and Minister of Home Affairs(1996-7/2007), Mr. Tran Van Tuan, Minister of Home Affairs (08/2007).