Department of Finance


Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh street (Administrative area), Ward 1, Baclieu city.

Tel: (84-781)3823  881 

Fax: (84-781) 3826  212  -  824 090

Email: stc@baclieu.gov.vn

Website: http://stc.baclieu.gov.vn

Director: Mr. Phan Nhu Nguyen

Introduction of Organization

Organizational Chart



Date of birth: 1975

Address: Hoa Binh District, Bac Lieu Province

Position : Director

Telephone number: (0781).3949500


Date of birth : 1957

Address: Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province

Position : Deputy Director

Telephone number: (0781).3824034


Date of birth: 1961

Address: Hong Dan district,  Bac Lieu province

Position : Deputy Director

Telephone number: (0781).3823905


Date of birth: 1959

Address: Gia Rai district, Bac Lieu province

Position : Chief of Office

Telephone number: (0781).3823881


Date of birth: 1976

Address: Gia Rai district, Bac Lieu provice

Position : Deputy Chief of Office (phó chánh văn phòng)

Telephone number: (0781).3823881


Date of birth: 1968

Address: Thua Thien - Hue province

Position : Deputy Head of Budget  Division– Informatic Statistic

Telephone number: (0781).3825713


Date of birth: 1969

Address:Thoi Binh district, Ca Mau province

Position :Deputy Head of Budget  Division -Informatics Statistics

Telephone number: (0781).3825713


Date of birth: 1975

Address: Tam Binh district, Vinh Long province

Position : Head of Finance Division - Administration

Telephone number: (0781).3823904


Date of birth: 1967

Address: Ho Chi Minh city

Position : Deputy Head of Finance Division- Administration

Điện thoại: (0781).3823904


Date of birth: 1958

Address: Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau province

Position: Chief Inspector

Telephone number: (0781).3824901


Date of birth: 1961

Address: Ha Nam Ninh province

Position :Head of Price Management Division-Public Property

Telephone number: (0781).3824090


Date of birth: 1969

Address: Hong Dan district, Bac Lieu province

Position:Head of Price Management Division-Public Property

Telephone number: (0781).3824090


Date of birth: 1979

Address:  Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu province

Position : Head of Enterprises Financial Management Division

Telephone number: (0781).3823970


Date of birth : 1961

Address: Hong Dan district , Bac Lieu province

Position : Head of Investment Division - Capital Construction

Telephone number: (0781).3826850


Date of birth: 1974

Address : Vinh Loi district , Bac Lieu province

Position :Deputy Head of Investment Division-Capital Construction

Telephone number : (0781).386850





Departments and Boards

Department’s Office

Department of Enterprise Finance

Department of Price Management - Public

Department of Investment and Capital

Department of  Administration Finance


                                     Department of Informatics Statistics Budget

Position and Function

1.     Department of Finance is a professional office directly under Provincial People’s Committee. Department of Finance gives advice and helps Provincial people’s committee carry out the State management’s functions about: the state budget, tax, fees and other income of the state budget, the state property, state financial funds, finance investment, corporate finance, accounting, independent audit, price and financial service activities in locals.

2.     Department of Finance has qualities, seal, and private account under Provincial People’s Committee about organization management, personnel,. Besides, Department of Finance is directly under the guide, examination about specialized work of Ministry of Finance.

Duty and Power

Finance Department carries duties and power according to the law about finance field and concrete duties and power as:

1. Report to Provincial People’s Committee:

a.     Draft resolution, direction and other writings belonging to the competence of People’s Committee in finance field.

b.    Draft long term plans, 5-year plans, every year plans in finance field and general plans about economy-society development in locals.

c.     Draft programs, methods about administrative reform belonging to state management.

d.    Draft law document that assigns specific condition; standard titles of chief, assistant chief belonging to Planning-Finance Department and Division of People’s Committee in towns, cities.

e.     Draft methods about levy decentralization and spending in every level in locals, percentage of levy division between levels locals , concretization about norm of the expenditures and income estimates distribution, people’s contribution money to report to provincial People’s Council.

f.     Draft budget adjustment in locals, methods of budget balance and necessary methods for the expenditures and income mission to report to provincial People’s Council.

g.    Reorganize and deal with house and land owning by the State.

2. Report to Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee:

a.     Draft resolution, direction belonging to the competence of the president of People’s Committee about the state management field in.

b.    Draft resolution to establish, merge, separate, reorganize and disintegrate units of the department.

3. Help provincial People’s Committee to guide and control, check information and popularize law education about finance field; organize to carry out legal instrument, plans, programs, projects conferred by state management.

4. Manage state budget, tax, and other income of the state budget.

a.     Guide administrative offices, provincial units, and financial units in lower level about constructing state budget estimates yearly. Examine budget estimates of offices, units with same levels and lower levels; estimate the expenditures and income in locals and build methods about budget distribution to report to provincial People’s Council.

b.    Control and cooperate with units involved and report to provincial People’s Committee to ban written about land using fee, land for rent, capital contribution of joint venture by the value of land using rights, money of home for rent and home selling and other income of state budget according to the state budget law about fields as state property about land, natural resources and mineral. Guide, check and carry out the policy, price evaluation and land using fees, land for rent, and capital contribution of joint venture by the value of land using rights, money of home for rent and home selling.

c.     Cooperate with units involved about tax and fee management and other income in locals.

d.    Check and supervise budget management and using in offices, units; require State Treasury to stop paying when overspending and expenditures budget errors and unannounced for the State.

e.     Evaluate extra expenditures in locals, towns, districts; evaluate and announce settlement to administrative offices and organization using provincial budget. Summarize the state expenditure and income, settle every year budget in locals and report to provincial People’s Committee to announce to provincial People’s Council and Finance Ministry.

f.     Manage capital for development and investment. Cooperate with Investment –Planning Department, offices involved to give advice for provincial People’s Committee about attracting strategy, mobilization, using short term and long term investment capital in domestic and foreign; build policies and coordinate and improve to use ODA effectively. Help provincial People’s Committee to manage finance of programs, ODA in locals.

Cooperate with Investment –Planning Department, offices involved to construct estimate distribution for yearly development and investment expenditure; cooperate with offices involved to control different capitals to report to provincial People’s Committee.

Cooperate with Investment –Planning Department, offices involved to report to provincial People’s Committee about investment capital distribution, list of investment  project using budget; control investment capital distribution if necessary; build plans, harmonize capital for investment project using local’s budget.

Join investment, evaluate and give advice for investment project under province’s management.

Check investment capital execution; manage and use and settle investment capital from local’s budget of investors and offices in districts, towns; supervise investment capital of the State Treasury in provinces and districts.

Settle investment capital of plans and report to the president of provincial People’s Committee to approve. Check and approve the settlement of investment project using capital for constructing in locals.

Summarize and analyze the mobilization and using investment capital; appreciate management and settle investment capital and report to provincial People’s Committee and Finance Ministry.

g.    Manage expenditure from the Centre and reserve finance fund in locals.

h.     Manage loan and allocation for locals; manage the state finance with allocation for locals from foreign; help provincial People’s Committee to develop bond issue ad different loan forms in locals according to the state budget law.

i.      Guide and check independent mechanism about finance of public service units and autonomy; take upon themselves about expenditure of administrative offices.

j.      Guide and organize public mode about finance and state budget.

k.     Summarize inspector’s proposal, auditor about finance and budget to report to provincial People‘s Committee.

5. Manage state property in locals:

a.     Build and report instructed written to provincial People‘s Committee about using state property and decentralizing state management about about state property in locals.

b.    Guide and check the state property management mechanism; propose financial methods to manage and use the state property effectively in locals.

c.     Resolute and report to provincial People‘s Committee according to the competence about shopping, rent, taking back, changing, liquidating, selling, destroying the state property or delivering to public service units for commercial production, service, rent, corporation.

d.    Guide and organize public mode about the state property in offices, units.

e.     Cooperate with Natural Resources and Environment Department to examine offices, organizations in locals and carry out compensation policy, aid and resettlement when the government takes back.

f.     Receive, manage and report to provincial People‘s Committee to deal with unidentified property, buried and hidden property, submerged property, confiscated property for the state fund and ODA and state property.

g.    Manage and exploit the state property that is not delivered to organizations, individuals and use and manage additional financial resources in dealing with the state property.

h.     Give advice for provincial People‘s Committee to aid for Ministries, Departments, and Finance Ministry about housing, land of the Center in locals.

i.      Manage database of the state property under directly locals and aid provincial People‘s Committee to manage and use the state property in locals.

6. Manage the state finance funds including development and investment fund, credit guarantee fund for small and medium business and housing development fund and other state finance funds.

a.     Build plans and evaluate written about establishment and activities of funds and report to provincial People‘s Committee and units involved. Help provincial People‘s Committee to solve investment objects and borrowing and interest; contribute for fund.

b.    Watch and check and supervise activities of funds; check regime of financial management and other missions under directly provincial People‘s Committee.

c.     Examine and supervise about using local’s budget for organization as development and investment funds, the state financial organization to disburse , borrow and support interest  according  to provincial People‘s Committee’s targets.

7. Manage corporate finance:

a.     Guide to carry out policies, the regime of corporate finance management, cooperatives finance and collective economy, financial policy to serve ownership transformation, enterprise arrangement, public service unit’s transformation, public service unit’s equalization, management mechanism and government capital conservation and development in companies.

b.    Examine the execution of finance law, accounting of different kinds of business in locals.

c.     Manage capital and property belonging to the sate in companies, organize corporate economy, collective economy in locals; execute rights and duties of owner’s the state capital in companies after provincial People‘s Committee’s division.

d.    Check and supervise capital using and management, income distribution, deduction and establishment and using of the state companies’ funds; check and supervise and appreciate the state companies’ activities effectively.

e.     Summarize ownership change, the state enterprise rearrangement; analyze and appreciate business finance in locals, management and government capital conservation and development in companies established and distributed  by locals and report to provincial People‘s Committee and Finance Minister.

f.     Summarize and appreciate financial mechanism to serve cooperatives development policy, collective economy in locals.

8. Manage and evaluate price:

a.     Build methods for goods price, service and supervise factors affecting price establishment for service and goods.

b.    Evaluate the price of property, goods, commercial service of the state; deliver monopoly plans and products of offices and units to provincial People‘s Committee.

c.     Cooperate with units involved to negotiate price, supervise monopoly price and dumping, listed price and listed price selling.

d.    Evaluate the draft of price list of land and their methods in locals and reported to provincial People‘s Committee by Natural Resources and Environment Department.

e.     Proclaim commodity list, service about stabilizing and registering price and apply price stability methods in locals.

f.     Summarize, analyze and forecast price fluctuation and report the sate management about price according to the resolution of Finance Ministry and provincial People‘s Committee.

g.    Cooperate with units involved to check law execution about price and evaluate price of organizations and individuals in locals.

9. Guide and manage and check the resolution about supplying financial service of organizations in finance and accounting and independent audit and finance investment, lottery business and betting and rewarded games fields in locals.

10.  Inspect and check and solve complaint, accusation and deal with law –breaking acts according to the competence of state management, Departments and Divisions; prevent corruption and negatives and save and stop wasting in using property expenditures.

11. Set function, duty, power of  offices and inspectors, professional units under directly the Department; staff management  and carry out salary policy, treatment policy, training, foster, reward and discipline with civil servants and employees according to  the resolution and the level of Provincial People’s Committee.

12. Cooperate with international about finance field according to Provincial People’s Committee’s division.

13. Research and apply science and information technology and construct reserve information system to serve finance management and skilled work.

14. Carry out other missions of provincial People’s Committee or according to the resolution.