Business registration

a)  Process deals with administrative procedure involving business registration in the non-terms business fields:

- Organizations, personals need in business registration, after choosing the business type, to make enquiries about procedure steps as posted publication at Office of Business Registration, Department of Plan and Investment or on provincial website and at office of one responsible door to deal with administrative procedure at the people’s committee of districts. The customers fulfill the available forms or lists, if the customer have any questions, will be guided by officers to complete the necessary procedures in certain regulations.

- After preparing adequately procedures as required, investor submits the papers at Office of Business Registration, Department of Plan and Investment. The officers check in the procedure and guidance of supplement if necessary. The officer receives the relevant papers and show the certain content to customers so that organizations, personals complete and re-submit. If the submission is valid, the officer get the temporary fees and give a bill, simultaneously make an appointment with the customer to give back   the result.

-As followed on the date was written in the appointment paper to give back the result, customer comes Office of Business Registration, Department of Plan and Investment to get the result.

In the process deals with administrative procedure, if to meet difficulties, the customers will come Promotion Center of Investment – Trade and Tourism Baclieu (Promotion center Baclieu) to be aided and cooperated  for  functional institutions in the province.

b) Process deals with administrative procedure of business registration in business fields with the terms:

- For the business fields with the term, the business fields must possess permissions before to submit  the necessary papers to Office of Business Registration or several business fields must have the permissions after to handle the business registration or in several business cases to enquire boths. Furthermore there are business fields to require only one permission or must possess some permissions concerning several departments, different fields.

- Now, all of institutions in Baclieu province deal with administrative procedure with “one responsible door” model to be posted publication and prescribed certainly on time, fees…. The customers come responsible department to find out procedure and preparation as prescribed to be awarded the certificates, permissions or by the aid of the Promotion Center Baclieu.

Source: BacLieu Potential and Investment Opportunities