Historical and Cultural Relics Wednesday, 09/30/2020, 16:33
Vinh Hung ancient tower  (11/02)
A national-level architectural relic situated in Trung Hung 1B hamlet, Vinh Hung A village, Vinh Loi district, Vinh Hung ancient tower is not only an architectural tower of Óc - Eo civilization remaining in western South but also a place where archaeologists gained a collection of precious objects including stone, bronze, porcelain and gem ...
Historical relic of the place where the first communist cell of Bac Lieu province was founded  (11/02)
The first communist cell of Bac Lieu province was founded in February 1930 in Phong Thanh hamlet, Gia Rai district (nowadays, Long Dien village, Dong Hai district)
Cultural and historical relic – memorial to late musician Cao Van Lau  (11/01)
Musician Cao Van Lau (1892 – 1976), the author of “Da co hoai lang” (the night song for missing husband), the predecessor of Vong Co nowadays. The memorial was built in ward 2, Bac Lieu town, on the street named Cao Van Lau. 1 km from the town center through Kim Son bridge (formerly Quay bridge) to the crossroads on the right, the relic ...
National-level historical relic - Noc Nang field  (11/01)
Lying in hamlet 4, Phong Thanh village, Gia Rai district, Bac Lieu province, the relic consists of three hectares, with a lot of items: section of Muoi Chuc family’s tombs, worship house - display house, group of statues describing the event on February 17 1928, (the bloody battle to regain the fields between Muoi Chuc siblings and ...
Historical relic at national level – Uncle Ho’s shrine  (11/01)
President Ho Chi Minh’s shrine lies in Chau Thoi village, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province, 18 km from Bac Lieu town in the northwest.
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