Festivals Wednesday, 09/30/2020, 15:27
Ok Om Bok Festival  (11/02)
This is a festival for worshipping the moon held on October 15 by lunar calendar by Khmer people in order to commemorate and show gratitude to the moon. Khmer people consider the moon goddess managing the annual crops and the offering is green rice flakes. In this occasion, Khmer people organized traditional ngo boat races excitedly and ...
“Da co hoai lang” (Night song for missing husband) Festival  (11/02)
“Da co hoai lang” festival takes place every year for three days from August 13 to 15 by lunar calendar at the memorial area for the late musician Cao Van Lau, ward 2, Bac Lieu town.
Noc Nang field festival marking  (11/02)
“Noc Nang field” festival takes place from February 15 - 17 by lunar calendar at Noc Nang historical relic in Gia Rai townlet, Gia Rai district. The festival expresses gratitude to the predecessors fighting against village bullies robbing farmers’ land before the appearance of the communist party. Source: Handbook on Bac Lieu ...
“Welcoming Gentleman in Ganh Hao” Festival  (11/02)
“Welcoming Gentleman” festival with impressive ceremony for over three hundred boats to go to sea taking place on March 10 by lunar calendar at Gentleman’s temple in Ganh Hao townlet, Dong Hai district. Source: Handbook on Bac Lieu Tourism
“South Sea Buddhist Goddess” Festival  (11/02)
“South Sea Buddhist Goddess” festival is rich in cultural and spiritual value, taking place for three days from March 21 - 23 by lunar calendar in the area of South Sea Buddhist Goddess in Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu town every year. This festival attracts the majority of pilgrim visitors in and out the province to visit and worship. ...
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