Examplary Landscapes Wednesday, 09/30/2020, 16:11
Solar clock  (11/02)
This clock was built with brick by Mr. Luu Van Lang in early 20th century. It stands opposite to the east with Roman numeral showing time that adhered to Chinese brick and its operation relies on sunlight. In the morning, when the sun rises, its shape is on number 7. The sun goes up gradually at certain height that is equivalent to time showing ...
Ancient house  (11/02)
Adapting for ancient house architecture in the west of South Vietnam in general and Bac Lieu in particular, the precinct of each house often comprises: yard, garden, house, sitting room, kitchen or front house (main house) and rear house (kitchen) and secondary apartments. Space depends on the design of each ethnic groups namely Kinh, Khmer, ...
Villa complex in Occidential architecture  (11/02)
In French domination, Bac Lieu used to be home to prosperous landowners. Currently, Bac Lieu still maintains some 20 villas of those landowners. Such ancient villas feature Occidental architecture combining with Oriental one and are designed by French architect and constructed with materials brought from France.
Bac Lieu Dandy’s manors:  (11/02)
Situated at 31, Đien Bien Phu street, ward 3, Bac Lieu town, the manor is bound to Bac Lieu dandy’s famous anecdote. The manor was built under the French colonialism in early twentieth century. The manor was constructed with Western architecture and the material was brought from France. Nowadays it becomes Bac Lieu dandy ...
Nha Mat tourist area– Buddhist Goddess statue  (11/02)
In Nha Mat subward, Nha Mat ward, Bac Lieu town, an area of tourism of 98.5 hectares is being invested in construction. In the near future this place will become an area of ecological tourism and tourism of pilgrim festivals with systems of hospitalities and areas of entertainment and recreation. The area of Buddhist goddess pagoda with the ...
Sea and forests  (11/02)
Bac Lieu land consists of mainly saline flooded forests with biological output and value of preventive, protectively environmental and economic development. The forest area is composed of approximately 5,879 hectares, including forest land of 5,509 hectares. In order to protect ecological environment, Bac Lieu, step by step, has restored and ...
Longan orchard  (11/02)
Bac Lieu longan orchard with the area of over 50 hectares stretching nearly 7 km from Nha Mat ward to Vinh Trach Dong village lies in the coastal areas where there are hundred-year-old longan tree roots, which is an attractive model of garden tourism.
Bac Lieu bird sanctuary  (11/02)
Rarely does any place in the world possess a bird sanctuary natural, wild and primitive, situated only 3 km from Bac Lieu town center. With the area of 160 hectares, Bac Lieu bird sanctuary currently owns over 40 species with more than 60,000 birds, including numerable precious species such as: dien dien, quam trang, quam den, voc (local ...
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