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About food

Offered many things by nature, besides the potential of tourism, Bac Lieu also has abundant foods attracting tourists. With a variety of the hospitalities, a collection of abundant restaurants with the dishes from the local specialities, having met better needs of tourists’ eating and drinking. Coming to Bac Lieu, tourists can enjoy Bac Lieu unique unforgettable specialities.

Tam vermicelli in Ngan Dua:

Originally common dishes with chopped pork in Chinese style (Trieu Chau). Tam vermicelli in Ngan Dua is charming with swine skin fresh flesh boiled mixed with ground-fried rice and smashed peanut, etc. It can be best eaten with sliced cucumber, aromatic vegetables, bean sprouts, tomato sauce, fish suace with vinegar, sugar and chili, and coconut milk.

Spicy beef vermicelli:

With the central spicy taste, however, it is a common dish in the Mekong delta and Bac Lieu. The material for this dish is very simple : only beef (flesh, little fat, sinew, etc) cooked with saté to become soup enjoyed with white vermicelli. But it possesses a special taste made from an original recipe. Looking at the bowl decorated with 3 – 4 slums of beef put on the white vermicelli in the reddish soup (natural red from fresh chili for cooking soup), then we can eat it with vegetables such as dill, fennel and smashed raw salt, chi li and slices of lemon.

Beet cake

The cake originates from the Chinese. It is made from wheat flour, rice flour with manioc flour, and pressed flat. Inside is the cord with shrimp and cat prawn without shell chopped with a little pork and fried beet. The mixture is spiced to the taste. When the cake has just been flattened, we roll it with the fried cord in beautiful and cute shape. It looks very nice and attractive Beet cake can best eaten with bean sprouts dill, fenel and a little lettuce. The sauce is very important: mixture of fish sauce, lemon, sugar, garlic, chili to our taste.

Other Specialities

Besides,  tourists can enjoy other specialities such as Vermicelli with unique soup in Baclieu, salted-fish hot-pot with a variety of veegetables, sour eel hot-pot, fish cooked in bowl and bồn bồn (a kind of pickles), salted-fish soup vermicelli, pancake, etc. Especially, Baclieu also has other specialities which common people cook from abundant local sea products such as:

1. Seafood hot-pot:

Material includes: soft fish, sea trout, cuttle-fish, grilled chopped fish, tiger prawn eaten with a variety of vegetables.

2. Thai steamed shells:

Main material: shells, taro, chili jam, dill…    

3. Butterfish steamed with ginger:

Main material: sea white butterfish, spices…

4. Sea snails stew with coconut milk:

Main material: Sea snail, coconut milk, spices

5. Crabs dried with tamarind

Main material: sea crabs, tamerind, spices…

6. Crayfish salad

Main material: crayfish, lotus petal

7. Stir-fired crocodile meat

Main material: raised crocodile meat, Chinese vermicelli, spices…

8. Trout salad with pumpkin

Main material: baked trout, pumkin, spices…

9. Bac Lieu dandy hot-pot:

- Main material: eel, tiger prawn, fresh cuttlefish, chicken, field trout, fresh bồn bồn, vegetables

10. Shrimp steamed with coconut-milk:

- Main material: tiger prawn, coconut ,….. 

11. Stir-fried snake with forest vegetables:

- Main material: small black poisonous snake (or grass snake, water-lily snake,…), rice wafer, forest vegetables,...

Source: Handbook on Bac Lieu Tourism

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