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Tam Hoang Ngu De small temple  (11/03)
This is a work built by two ethnic groups of Hoa and Viet and situated in village 10, ward 1, Bac Lieu town (by the Bac Lieu river). It is commonly called Ong Nhon (Ong De) small temple. It is designed in four-pillar style with four roofs and two storeys that are roofed with tube tile and double tile; its gate is semicircle shape. It has ...
Wott Seray Pothi MenKol pagoda (former Hoa Binh pagoda)  (11/03)
It is in hamlet A, Hoa Binh township, Vinh Loi district. The pagoda was constructed by Mr. Mau (Ta Mau) in 1556 on the area of 55,966 sq.m.
Giac Hoa pagoda  (11/03)
The pagoda sites in Xom Lon hamlet, Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi district. Its overall area is about 9,769 sq.m and it is surrounded by Xeo Chinh river to three directions (north, east, and southeast).
Vinh Duc pagoda  (11/03)
Lying at 132, Cach Mang road, village 7 (ward 1, Bac Lieu town) with the overall acreage of 2,232.01 sq.m, the pagoda was constructed firstly in 1890 in small bound. In 1915, it was built in more spacious and nice design. Up to 1961, its partial architecture was embellished and added to sanctum; it was finished key architecture works like ...
Nguyen Trung Truc communal house  (11/03)
Hong Dan authorities and people hosted the inauguration ceremony to Nguyen Trung Truc communal house on March 25, 2005 in Thong Nhat hamlet and Ngan Dua township after two years of embellishing with total investment expense worth VND570 million. For the time being, the house is roughly 300 sq.m of area and in modern design but maintain ...
An Trach communal house  (11/03)
It is in village 2, ward 5, Bac Lieu town and 1,500m from the town’s centre to the southeast. Its acreage is about 2,980 sq.m. Its main door directs towards the north and Bac Lieu - Ca Mau river passes beside to the east-west.
Tan Hung communal house  (11/03)
Situated in village 3, ward 3, Bac Lieu town, the communal house is on 1.200 sq.m of surrounded area with 559.65 sq.m of architectonic acreage.
Minh pagoda (Vinh Trieu Minh association)  (11/03)
The pagoda was built in 1865 with the architecture of letter “cong”, lying in ward 3, Bac Lieu town. Minh pagoda is strongly influenced of the royal Chinese architecture with columns carved by dragons and granite; horizontal lacquered board (engraved with Chinese characters), parallel sentences, bamboo screen, reliefs, etc. They are carved on ...
Worship house of Cao Trieu family  (11/03)
In 1914, Cao Trieu family constructed a spacious worship house on the bank of Bac Lieu river in ward 5, Bac Lieu town, in Hue architecture . The house was covered with negative-positive tile, granite columns carved with “two dragons fighting for a pearl”. Nowadays, the house still keeps two sets of granite sofas. Bronze cranes heading lamps ...
Gentleman Pagoda (Quan Wu ancient temple)  (11/03)
Lying in ward 2, the pagoda was built in 1835 with traditional Chinese architecture. Quan Wu ancient temple worships Quan Wu general, that is Quan Van Truong in Three vassals fighting. The local people respectfully call it Gentleman pagoda. In the chief chamber the statues of Quan Wu, Quan Binh and Chau Xuong with majestic armours are put on ...


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